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Remember that 1971 VW Bug?? It's back!!!

1st Prize winner, Steve Stundon, has generously donated the Bug back to GSRBC to help us raise more funding! 

We are elated at this opportunity!

Check our blog below to find out where we will be next!




      Special Thanks


Through your donations, your sponsorships, your volunteerism, your compassion and your support...

Together, we are doing our part and making a difference! Together, we have saved countless lives!

Thank you is never enough for helping us to help them.


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GSRBC accepts dogs from pounds, shelters, rescues and the SPCA in the province of BC.

We believe we have a responsibility to place our dogs in suitable environments that will promote loving bonds between adopters and their pets.


What's New


Englewood Courtyard Charity Giveaway

Ticket sales are underway!


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All of Lucy's puppies have found

 their forever homes!Still looking to adopt?

Please see our adoptables page for more info!



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Was a smashing success!! A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make Dogtoberfest 2012 such a fabulous evening ... running games & activities, donating items for prizes & the silent auction, picking up & delivering items, making our guests' gifts, and our supporters that came out to bid, play and dine with us!! We raised $6780 !!! Once again the dogs are the real winners!!!



GSRBC was formed in June of 2003....


We were incorporated with non profit status on October 29th 2004.......


We recieved federal charitable status in Canada on April 1st 2005. Charitable #86377 4832 RR0001....


We depend on our wonderful extended family of fosters, volunteers, adopters and supporters to carry on in our mission....


Without them, we could never continue to save as many dogs as we do....


It is thanks to people like you that we are successful!


100% of all donations go directly into the rescued dog's new beginning....


Providing everything from medical treatement, to training, food supplies and in some cases, boarding....


Adoption fees help, but are not enough.... The average cost per dog in 2010 was approximately $2166.15


Your donations are SO important... Please consider helping us continue on in our work...

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Latest News

  • GSRBC sees Gage, Maddie, Lucy and her 7 puppies into their new homes!
  • And we welcome Charlie into our care..
  • Parker, Jackson and Abby continue to wait for their perfect match...
  • Check out our fundraising page for events coming up this year...

Dedicated to BC's German Shepherd Dog

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