Adopted September 19th 2011!

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Ben   Adopted!

Breed: German Shepherd

Sex: Male

Age: Young  (1 -2 years)

Size: Large 85 lbs

Color: Black & Tan

Ben is:


Good with Kids

Good with dogs

Good  with cats

Up to date with shots


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Ben, was taken into our care on July 30/11 from Kamloops Animal Control. His long hair was matted and glued to his body. Ben had not had the pleasure of daily grooming, so out came the clippers, to provide some much needed relief. Ben also has a small hernia on his tummy which will need to be assessed, but he allows you to touch it.

The car ride to his foster home was an anxious experience for Ben, as he sought to bolt and probably "find home" whenever the vehicle slowed. Once at his new foster home, Ben gradually checked things out, but spent the first few days desperately looking for something familiar, something he could take comfort in and relax with, but it was all new.

Hoping to make him settle, his foster mum took advantage of the long weekend and decided to put Ben thru a training bootcamp to see what he knew and how he was going to work out. The best way to get to know a dog, is to work with him and build a relationship.

Happily, this is just what Ben needed! And what did we find out? He's great with dogs (all sizes, but puppies are his favorite), cats are ok (he reads their energy and keeps his distance), kids are cool (they play ball with him, even though he doesn't like giving it back), men & women of all shapes and sizes are greeted with the same happy tail and kisses, he's housebroken, has basic obedience (stay needs some work), and walks well on a leash with gentle corrections. He also got crate trained, with the help of one of his puppy playmates.

His ears seem to bother him, but I'm not sure if it's an infection or not. There is no smell or visible sign of trouble. As a precaution, I have given him drops to dry out the ears as well as a blue power ear treatment. He still rubs his ears on the carpet though. I'm thinking he may have hair that's bothering him, as his long hair also applies to inside his ears.

August ~ Camping!

Ben loves to swim! In fact, camping life really agrees with him :). He loves to sleep in, get raw bones (which he graciously traded with his puppy friend), go for a swim, lay in the shade to dry off, romp with a buddy dog, hang out around the fire at night, then head off to bed to rest up and start all over again!

He just wants to be everyones friend, but an 85lb dog, under a huge coat of fur making him look 125lbs, is rather intimidating when it comes barrelling at you! So slow, graceful greetings were allowed, and the whole campsite got word of "Big Ben" and from then on, he had a steady stream of people coming to see him :).

Ben also went for boat rides and loved the wind in his hair! He was anxious to start, but once moving, he settled right in and took over the co-driver seat. Seriously, he's so big, he gets the seat!

We experimented with having him off leash for a swim, as he's so friendly there really isn't any threat from him, but after only being with us for a few days, he had no recall skills and once back on shore, happily ran off to greet a dog and "explore" all the other sites around us. So, back on the long lead and we'll get to work on his recall ;)

All in all Ben had a great vacation and it has really helped him settle out and start the bonding process!

August 25th 2011

What else can I say? This guy is a gentle giant :). I am amazed at his extremely gentle play with a 4 month old puppy!
He's a lover, not a fighter! He is actually quite sensitive when it comes to corrections. A harsh tone will not be needed with this boy. Just firm, low tones, and he's listening!

He's an easy dog, who will fit best with an moderatly active family. Either a family where someone is always home, or has another dog, as he really loves a companion. His energy will match whatever is going on at the time - you want to be a couch potato, then slide over, because he's right up on the couch with you! You want to go for a walk or toss the ball, he's up for that too. Not so much, a jogging partner though, as he's more into the slow, relaxed strolls ;). "Did you say nap?.....I thought you'd never ask!"

He's good to be  in a crate while we go out for a few hours. He's quiet and patiently waits for you - usually spending the time napping again. Open the door and he slowly stretches his way out and greets you with his gorgeous golden eyes focused on nothing but you :).

He has no food aggression. I have taken raw bones from his mouth, had my hand in his bowl, etc and never even a thought that I couldn't do so!

Grooming is something he will need on a committed basis! He has the most amazing fur - thick and glossy. He's so huggable :).
Ben had a couple baths while camping, and he actually dries off much quicker than expected. There were some leftover mats which we worked out, and he was very patient as we worked on those. But with the thickness of his coat, he needs daily brushing or the mats start to set in to that long hair. But when he's all brushed up, he's quite the looker and attracts many admirers!

His teeth were a mess with thick tarter buildup when he came to us, but after multiple raw bones it has mostly gone. The rest, he allowed me to clean for him, so his teeth look amazing now. I also clipped his nails, as they were quite long, and although it wasn't his favorite event, he was patient and let me finish.
I've examined almost every inch of this boy, giving massages as I do, and he's fine with being handled. In fact, as long as you're touching him, he'll lean right in for more! He loves the attention :)
He hasn't been left loose, alone in the house, so we're not sure what he's like in that situation. But he has not chewed on anything he shouldn't - he has toys around the house and hasn't chosen anything other than his toys to play with.

He has just started on a raw diet, and has only the occasional cookie as a treat, otherwise he has taken to fresh veggies as a healthy alternative treat. So far, he eats raw peas and carrots when offered them from the garden - haven't tried fruits yet.

He loves belly rubs and will roll on his back to get one :)
He walks very nicely on a leash, with gentle corrections. I have to use a correction collar on him, due to his strength, but again, he's sensitive to your corrections, so I hardly need to use it but it stops him from pulling.
He gets a lot of looks for his size and his beauty! To have this package in such a sweet boy - he's sure to win someone's heart :), someone who can give him what he needs - calm, consistent leadership and loving companionship.


Ben was adopted September 19th 2011!

Enjoy the good life Ben!


                                        Special thanks to Ben's sponsors:

Bev & Dave
Janie Thistle ~ In memory of Buddy

Thank you for your support!!







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