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Breed: German Shepherd

Sex: Male

Age: 11 Months

Size: Large 50 lbs

Color: Black & Tan

Brago is:


Good with Kids

Good with dogs


Up to date with shots 

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September 19, 2011

Brago and his litter mates were found dumped in a field out in Abbotsford. Some good people found them and called the local animal control. There were 8 puppies around 5 months old.
At first we suspected that they must of gotten out of wherever they had been kept, and surely someone would come frantically looking for them as soon as they became aware they were gone... But that didn't happen, and we soon found out why...
When we were originally contacted about this litter of pups, we went down to see them and then arranged to have them spayed and neutered as we pulled them from the shelter.
The first day, we were able to take 3 of the pups and when we got there, we found that one pup (Heidi) was very sick. Heidi had tested negative for parvo, so we went ahead and pulled the 3 pups we had planned on, and decided to take her as well so we could get her medical care and find out what was wrong. Jada, Zeus and Brago went in for their speuters the same day that Heidi was admitted to the hospital for treatment.
While we waited for the DNA results to come back, one of the remaining 4 puppies at the shelter got sick and tested positive for parvo - which immediately put all the pups we had pulled into quarantine.
By then Heidi (the first girl to get sick) was rapidly going downhill, and by the end of Tuesday, we were sure, as was the vet, that she would not make it.
Amazingly, she rallied in a HUGE way, and by the following Thursday when the DNA results came in as positive for parvo, she was already by the worst of it, and lifting her head, barking at the staff, ripping out her IV and being a cute, but basic nuisance :)
Both Zeus and Brago were the strongest of the litter. They tested negative and remained happy and healthy through the whole ordeal. Just to be safe, we kept them in quarantine anyway.  Our understanding is that the shelter kept their sick pup that was shedding the virus in with the others and from what we understand, they all were infected and were euthanized instead of treated.

Jada, Brago, Heidi and Zeus were the lucky ones that day. They got the help they needed and today are going strong and are ready for their new homes. It's not cheap to treat parvo, but it's not a fortune either. In this day and age, it is very treatable with a 90% success rate. Really, the cost is a non issue when you are considering someone's life.

October 15, 2011

Brago is now out of quarantine. He is neutered, up on his shots, working on house training, and getting lots of socialization.

 He loves his walks and welcomes them in a way that suggests he has not had the advantage of that particular shared pleasure before. He would do well in an active home with a family who are familiar with the breed and loves them for their capacity to invigorate, re-charge and occasionally confound their two-legged friends.

Brago is a sweet boy that is very loyal, intelligent and eager to please. He is very smart and picks things up extremely quickly. He would be a wonderful companion for someone that was wanting a real buddy. He loves to be with people but can also amuse himself. He would be fine as a second dog or as the only dog in the home as long as he got enough attention and exercise. He is a good watchdog and will bark when someone comes to the home but is not aggressive and instead will welcome them in with tail wags and a smiling face. He loves people and demonstrates his affection with unbridled enthusiasm and joy.

 He knows sit and that it is required before exiting the house or getting food. He thrives on attention and is easily trainable. He will make an amazing addition to any home.
Brago will do well with or without another dog. Playing with the other dogs and daily walks have helped Brago a long way in his socialization. He doesn’t shy away from anyone, though is a more submissive boy. You really couldn’t ask for a better dog. We have really enjoyed being part of Brago’s beginning! He is very easy to love!

If you have room in your home and heart for wonderful boy,  email us for an application.

November 30, 2011

Brago has moved into foster care on Pender Island and is adjusting beautifully to his new adventure! He gets along well with his foster brother, Tanner, and enjoys trying to outmaneuver him when they are racing or wrestling. Unfortunately, this Bambi-like boy is all legs and often trips himself up along the way. When we hear a “crash” in the house, we don’t worry – we know it just means Brago has lost his footing, gotten tangled in his own paws, or is chasing his tail wildly in circles, stopping every so often to change directions.

This pup is extremely curious about everything around him. He trusts the world and is willing to try new things, including adjusting to life with three cats. He learns quickly and the cat claw embedded in his nose within the first hour of his arrival convinced him these small furry critters were something to approach with caution. (He still thinks the cat litter boxes are snack machines, but with redirection, is already beginning to resist the urge to splurge.)

Tanner is teaching Brago to swim! He hasn’t actually taken the plunge yet, but will wade into the middle of his back and then romp back to the beach like a bucking bronco. Tanner is also educating Brago on the finer points of leash walking. Brago generally does quite well, but as he nears his foster home he gets excited and starts pulling. He just knows good things await in a warm, safe, dry house!

Brago is meeting people and dogs of all shapes and sizes, and so far seems to love each and every one. He doesn’t realize his size and is certain he is actually a lap dog. At 55 pounds, he completely fills any lap he tries. He is snuggly, housetrained, and polite (he sits and “looks” before eating and before entering or leaving the house or yard).

At his tender age, Brago doesn’t like to be without a person or dog nearby. But with a puppy this eager to cuddle, learn, and “do the right thing,” providing ongoing guidance, supervision and affection is a genuine pleasure.

January 6, 2012

Brago continues to impress everyone he meets with his beauty, curiosity and gentle nature. He attends Dog Club with 15-25 dogs every Monday and gets along with all the other pooches and their people. On Fridays he participates in Tellington Touch classes, where he is learning to slow down, be aware of his body, and follow a variety of new instructions. Since he is still a puppy, his attention span wanes about halfway through the one-hour class and he is ready for a nice long nap.

Over the holidays Brago had the chance to travel to Vancouver and Victoria and stay in motels; attend a party with 30 or more young adults (he was a bit nervous at first but quickly settled in and supervised the revelers from a landing on the staircase); stayed home alone for two hours with his foster brother (the house was completely intact when we returned!); have a sleepover with his foster sister (and her boyfriend, bunnies, cat and fish); meet several babies; have his photo taken with Santa and twin girls from the local community (the photo made the front page of the Pender newspaper!); open presents with Tanner; and give and receive loads and loads of hugs and snuggles.

Brago is truly one-of-a-kind. He is mellow, yet playful; strong, yet gentle; confident, yet not bossy. This stunning boy will make a remarkable addition to the right family.

February 2012

Brago’s foster brother (GSRBC's Tanner) had extensive knee surgery this month and is on restricted activity for eight weeks. We weren’t sure how Brago would adjust to his best buddy being out of commission, but so far (touch wood!), he’s handling it like a trooper! Brago restrains himself from tackling, chasing, wrestling or otherwise inciting Tanner to violate his veterinary orders.

Clever boys that they are, though, they’ve learned to play keep-away with balls and bones using Tanner’s cone collar as a modified lacrosse basket.

Brago still attends dog club and Tellington Touch classes each week. He is becoming more aware of where his body starts and stops, and we have far fewer crashes around the house. The cats continue to be a challenge. Sometimes Brago is able to completely ignore them; other times, he can’t seem to resist the urge to charge or bark at them. He’s a smart pup, though, and with time and maturity we are confident he’ll learn consistently appropriate behaviour around felines.

Brago adapts wonderfully to the schedule of his people. If we have an activity planned, he is raring and ready to go. If, instead, we want to stay home and relax, he is totally content to sprawl on the floor at our feet and groan with pleasure when we pet his lovely black coat. He is curious and completely trusting of the world – vacuums, brooms, shovels, cows, cars, woodstoves…nothing frightens this boy (which means the people in his life are responsible to supervise and keep him safe). Brago is ready for his forever family to welcome him home and help him continue exploring and learning about this big wide world.

Please email us for an application if you are interested in adding this special boy to your home. GSDRescue@shaw.ca




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Cassie & Chris - 2012
Kelly Wood
Laurie Hayes
Crystal & Mark ~ In memory of Bullet & Journey
Carole Hobbins ~ In memory of Ansel of MarneVallee

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