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Breed: German Shepherd

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 6 Months

Size: Large 40 lbs

Color: Black & Tan

Heidi is:

House training

Good with Kids

Good with dogs

Unknown with cats

Up to date with shots



Cost to Date: $2047.51


September 19, 2011

Heidi and her litter mates were found dumped in a field out in Abbotsford. Some good people found them and called the local animal control. There were 8 puppies around 5 months old.
At first we suspected that they must of gotten out of wherever they had been kept, and surely someone would come frantically looking for them as soon as they became aware they were gone... But that didn't happen, and we soon found out why...
When we were originally contacted about this litter of pups, we went down to see them and then arranged to have them spayed and neutered as we pulled them from the shelter.
The first day, we were able to take 3 of the pups and when we got there, we found that Heidi was very sick. She had originally tested negative for parvo, so we went ahead and pulled the 3 pups we had planned on, and decided to take her as well so we could get her medical care and find out what was wrong. Jada, Zeus and Brago went in for their speuters the same day that Heidi was admitted to the hospital for treatment.
While we waited for the DNA results to come back, one of the remaining 4 puppies at the shelter got sick and tested positive for parvo - which immediately put all the pups we had pulled into quarantine.
By then Heidi was rapidly going downhill, and by the end of Tuesday, we were sure, as was the vet, that she would not make it. She refused to eat, couldn't even lift her little head, and was lethargic and vomitting.
Amazingly, she rallied in a HUGE way, and by the following Thursday when the DNA results came in as positive for parvo, she was already by the worst of it, and lifting her head, barking at the staff, ripping out her IV and being a cute, but basic nuisance :)
By Friday morning, she was released to go home and was put into a short term foster home while she waited out her quarantine period.
Our understanding is that the shelter kept their sick pup that was shedding the virus in with the others and from what we understand, they all were infected and were euthanized instead of treated.

Jada, Brago, Heidi and Zeus were the lucky ones that day. They got the help they needed and today are going strong and are ready for their new homes. It's not cheap to treat parvo, but it's not a fortune either. In this day and age, it is very treatable with a 90% success rate. Really, the cost is a non issue when you are considering someone's life.

October 15, 2011

Heidi is now out of quarantine. She is still to be spayed, and brought up to date on her shots. But her foster reports that house training is going very well, and she is getting lots of socialization.
She, of course, is still in the throes of puppy-hood so any family fortunate enough to welcome her into their midst would need to make a commitment to provide her with adequate exercise and companionship. Heidi will reward her adoptive family with many years of her own special brand of doggy devotion so if you are searching for the perfect family pet, she is right here :)

Heidi is very much a puppy and greatly enjoys the company of her people. She has also learned that other dogs can be fun, although she is still a bit timid when approached by a more rambunctous dog.
This loving little girl enjoys giving kisses and lying in a lap. She travels well in the car and is also leash-trained. Heidi adapts very well to new  situations, so would do well in almost any home. She loves anything that involves interaction… training, walking, playing tug, the dog park or anything you can dream up. She will need continued socialization with other dogs. She enjoys the outdoors but needs to be with family. She will need further training but has proven herself to be eager to please and willing to learn.

Heidi is a sweet and easy girl. Very loving and for the most part, very quiet. If you are interested in adding Heidi to your home, email us for an application.

October 28, 2011

Heidi has been moved into a foster-to-adopt home. We couldn't be happier with this match! We know without a doubt that Heidi's needs will always be met and she will never find herself homeless again!

Thank you to Tiffany and Chris for opening your great big hearts!

GSRBC sends our condolences on the loss of your beloved Lucy. We're sure that she is smiling down on little Heidi that she got to know and had the start of a new friendship with.



                                              Thank you to all Heidi's sponsors:


Paul & Heather ~ September 2011
Valley Vet Services ~ September 2011
Clint Skidmore ~ September 2011
Pat Romain ~ September 2011
Elana Gold ~ September 2011
Mary Bennett ~ October 2011
Anne Grover ~ October 2011
Jenny Virtue ~ October 2011
Brenda Edwards ~ 2011
Tiffany & Chris ~ 2011

Thank you for your support!!




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