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Breed: German Shepherd Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 7 Years

Size: Large 70 lbs

Color: Blonde

Parker is:



Up to date with shots

Working at a basic obedience level


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March 14, 2013

Parker has recently come into our care after being surrendered to us from a local pound.

This lovely boy has been through 3 homes in his young life. Sadly, he missed out on all that early puppyhood socialization.
 At 6 months old, Parker entered into the shelter system and was soon adopted out to a single lady. They lived together for a year or so and then she got married, and kids started coming.
Unfortunately for Parker, they no longer had time for him and tied him up in the back yard where he stayed for the next 4-5 years.
It's been reported that the husband had some anger issues and took a lot of that out on Parker, even as a pup, he beat him when he felt like it.
Finally, they brought him back to the shelter last year citing – no time for the dog and the fact that he was starting to nip at the kids..

Parker has old injuries that were never fixed and we're told they can’t be fixed. (Parker will have an assessment done by our vet). Long walks are good for him but an agility star he will never be...

He was then adopted out to an older couple. He had excellent house manners -  no chewing no messing, no counter surfing, etc.
However after a couple of weeks, he started to get possessive of his yard and they say that he nipped a gardener, and that he was starting to not like people coming into his territory. When their vet quoted them some 3,000 dollars to fix his old injuries, Parker found himself back at the pound...
When the shelter tried to match him up with other dogs he seemed to want to play at first, but then would get really nervous and didn't behave with good dog manners... he hadn’t been socialized with other dogs well and taking him in and out of the shelter,  was so upsetting for him with all the other dogs acting up... It became too difficult for Parker to walk by the other dogs, and we were called for help.

We've found that Parker listens well, is very intelligent, and bonds deeply. He is afraid of some men but comes around quickly when he sees there is no threat. 
He is a favorite among our volunteers and enjoys going for day trips for hikes and long walks. The extra socialization has really helped him become more confident and happy.  He is so easy to love and returns it 10 fold. He loves his cuddle time with those he knows and trusts, and will sit quietly and let strangers touch him as long as they are respectful. When they aren't, he simply says 'no thank you' and moves beyond their reach.
He is not a dog park kind of boy, but could easily learn to live as part of a family with other stable dogs.

Parker does show some reactivity to small animals, and this is something that we will work with him on. For now, he will not be available to a home with small dogs or cats.

July 1, 2013

Parker is doing so well! He's been enjoying all the new experiences, and has made a few friends. We've started him in basic obedience, and for the most part, he is doing really well, but he'd much rather you just kick the ball for him endlessly, or curl up in the shade under a tree and have some quiet time.
When Parker masters a command or does something terrific and we tell him what a good boy he is - he almost gets embarrased! haha. But he does love to be told how handsome he is!

In the beginning Parker did try to challenge us, but it wasn't too intense, he was just trying to see what he could get away with. It was easy to see that he was used to intimidating people. Just his size alone usually makes people take a step back!
But once he figured out where the boundaries were and what we expected of him, he was more than willing to oblige.
He's a soft boy, with a big heart that is having a hard time forgetting what was done to him. But he is learning that here, he is protected. Here, nothing bad happens, and Parker glows with soft eyes and an easy spirit. We love him!

Parker has not yet spent time with any of our house dogs. Personal family issues have set things aside for a while in this regard, but soon enough, we will be posting pictures of him enjoying the many canine friends that are waiting for him to see that life can get even better!
If you have room in your home and heart for this wonderful boy,  email us for an application.

February 2014

 Parker has had crucial element surgery . He was a trooper through it all.
 He had been in so much pain for so long and we all know what chronic pain can do to your mood and attitude. 
It was a long 2 months of living in his crate (somewhere I worked hard to get him to enter and settle into happily). Needless to say after the 2 months the crate was no longer a happy place for him and even now he is not happy about being in one but he will still go in.

The recovery period was long even after being allowed out of the crate for more than potty breaks. He did 2 months of weekly swims with K9H2O which was a great hardship for him, as he was not comfortable in the water. Getting him into the pool was a workout for all involved, but once he was in boy could he swim!

Parker was only allowed 5 min walks twice a day for a few weeks and we were able to gradually increase them til by autumn he was able to run and play normally again. Though he will always have a bit of arthritis, he still loves to run and play and go for bike rides.

He is an amazing boy full of love who has had a hard life and is looking for his forever home where he will be loved and valued for who he is. 

November 2015

Parker has been my foster dog for 2 years now.

 He lives in a house with 2 other dogs. 1 big and 1 little. He plays great with the big one, but still doesn't understand that little old blind dogs don't like to play. lol.
In the beginning there were a few issues with the little dog and he is doing much better now, though a house without little dogs would be best.

Parker is the sweetest most loving dog ever created! He has a bit of a goof in him and loves to play. His favorite game is ball ,ball ball and more ball. He also plays a good game of gentle tug and will release it when you ask him to. He loves to go for a good bike rides as much as he loves to just have quiet cuddle time.
He walks lovely on the leash and his recall is about 90% higher if it's Mum calling him ;)
He has gone through basic 1 and 2 and did very well.  He puffs up with pride when he does the right thing! i.e.: looking away from conflict and waits for me to take care of it. Also when you teach him something and he gets it you can see how proud he is! We are always working on interaction with small children as it takes a bit of time for him to become used to them and the noises and the way they move. But he is doing much, much better. Still, a home without small children would be best for Parker.
He now understands that if he is uncomfortable I will take care of him. He has also started bringing the ball to people who visit whereas before he was indifferent. Now he is very gentle with them and gives them the ball and waits for them to throw or roll it. I can't tell you how much love he has to give! When he bonds with you, that's it you are his and he will be that Velcro dog you wanted. He loves with his whole heart and shows it everyday!

May 19th 2016

  Parker Is still in foster care, waiting for a home of his own. This spring he has joined a basic 2 distraction class after taking the winter off from classes, though he still has to behave at home lol.

He enjoys training and learning new things and reinforcing things he has already learned.
Now that the warmer weather has made an appearance he is loving it!! Parker loves loves the heat!! He follows the patch of sunshine around like a cat . We do need to remind him to come lie in the shade when it's too hot and make sure he drinks...

He is still the most loving dog around and loves to give kisses.

If you have room in your heart and home for our special boy Parker, email us for an application!


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