Adopted June 14th, 2011

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Red ~ Adopted!!                 

Breed: German Shepherd

Sex: Female

Age: 9 years

Size: Large 65 lbs

Color: Black & Tan

Red is:


Good with Kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats

Up to date with shots - Spayed


Red came into our care on January 28th 2010 after she was signed over to the pound. Sadly, this home is known to us as we assisted one of their other dogs a few years ago. Unfortunately, the lesson wasn't learned, and now this home has lost Red as well. 
But we're sure they'll get another dog to replace her!
Red is 7 years old. She has been spayed and up to date on her shots. For the most part, she is a very clean girl, but she is not consistently house trained. It's likely that she spent the majority of her time outside. 
Red and her former housemate were allowed to roam the neighborhood, and got themselves into all sorts of trouble, as dogs left to their own devices will do. Her previous owner reports that "she has spent the last 7 years chasing coyotes out of the yard" (unfenced) and that "was her nightly routine, even with a cast on her leg". 
Sadly, that is not all Red did. She, and her housemate packed up with some other roaming dogs and went into a neighbors yard - getting into the cages of bunnies and guinea pigs and killed them all... Sad and very preventable.

This was not the first incident with this home and their dogs, and now the city came in and seized them. Unable to pay the hefty fines, Red was signed over for destruction. Sad but true. Luckily, we were contacted and went down to meet her. 

She is actually a very sweet dog, and with just a bit of direction, she has been fabulous with all animals, large and small. However, we will not, of course, adopt her out to any home with small animals.
She gets along with all the dogs here, even the puppy, who she seems to dearly love and is very patient with. 
Red's story is a lesson on why they need leadership and direction. They are always the ones that suffer when we, as humans fail. The consequences are high, and Red almost paid for it with her life. 

Red adores children, and will turn herself inside out for them. She is biddable, friendly and LOVES to snuggle! 
She has some bravado surrounding toys and other dogs - but it seems to be more of a bluff than anything else. She has not followed through, and actually seems to back down when push comes to shove. 
We're still getting to know her and finding out what all her little signals mean. She tries hard to be tough, but she really is a softy. 
Red's favorite place to be is in the vehicle. She LOVES going for car rides and even just being in there. At times, she will ask to be let into the truck, and when we let her, she will get in and curl up on the passenger seat and have a nap. Quite content to have her own down time away from all the hustle and bustle. 
She settles well at night and can usually be found curled up in the chair beside my bed. If invited, she will come up for a snuggle for a bit and then will leave and find her own place to be. She really is a great dog, who has just lacked the understanding and safety that she needed in her previous home. 
We are very smitten with Red and are looking forward to working with her further!

March 2010

Red is really doing well, and we really have no problems with her at all. She is fantastic in the house and has excellent house manners! She plays well with everyone, though does try to be a little bossy with new dogs. Once she realizes that isn't going to get her anywhere, she finds something else to do. 
She is very active and loves to play with the young dogs. She can be very vocal in her play, she is quite the talker! 
Red adores Gunnar and they will run and run for hours. She will seek him out and give him a play bow and off they go! Quite fun to watch! 

She now knows most of her obedience, is very sweet with all people, and will turn herself inside out to be able to lay beside you on the couch and get a pat or two while she falls asleep with her head in your lap.

 Red LOVES her one on one time, which is so much the GSD way. She is all about her people :)
All in all, we just can't say enough good about Red. She will make someone very happy with her loyalty, good nature and playfulness. 

Red is ready for her new home, and we're hoping someone extra special will come along and see her for the gem that she is. She's paid her dues and deserves that solid gold home. 

April 30th 2010

Red is a drivey girl, and loves to play with toys and chase balls. She can entertain herself for quite a while with a favorite toy. She and one of our resident dogs have the most fun playing together. They will chase each other at warp speed all over the property, and will even throw the racquetball down the driveway themselves and then chase after it. Red loves to clown around and flip her toys around in the air. :)

She is super sweet, and wants to be at your side wherever you go! Red has plenty of energy for outside activities, but settles in nicely in the house when it is appropriate to do so.
She is super smart, has extremely good house manners and loves the people in her family. She takes no time at all to warm up to new people and is happy for all the attention she receives. Infact she'll show any would be robbers right where the TV is, if they pet her along the way..

Red really is a wonderful girl with a heart of gold and while she is happy here, she really just wants to find a family of her own and to give them all the love she has. 
Whoever Red ends up with will be extremely pleased with this beautiful girl.

October 30th 2010

Red is doing really well She's been out to our Tisol meet and greet days a couple of times and has loved all the attention.
She has turned out to be a hilarious girl, with the best personality! She has a very devious sense of humor, but is always willing to please. She is very loyal and affectionate and plays well with all the other dogs. 
She loves her raw bones the best, but her bed, walks and going for drives are a very close second.... Scratch that... she'd probably take going for a car ride over her knuckle bone any day! She LOVES the car!  
Red is a great companion and we are so lucky to have been able to help her! Her new home will be too when they come along!
She has mastered her basic obedience, though still doesn't like to give back the toy. She is not aggressive about it in the least. She just doesn't want to let it go... we're working on it ;)
She has recently been to the vet for an infection that could be environmentally related. We aren't sure where she picked it up or from what, but we are treating it and are confident she will be on the road to recovery shortly. 
Red is another dog that has been in our care for a long time. With all the puppies that have been coming and going around here lately, she has been over looked again and again. 
So she's putting in her Christmas wish now, and hopes she will have a home of her own to wait for Santa to come. :)
If you are interested in adding Red to your home, please email us for an application: 

January 2011

The holidays have come and gone and Red still waits for a home of her own. She really is such a great dog, who has overcome almost all of her issues. She is still not a candidate for living with small animals, given her past, but she is a very biddable girl, and really does not want to displease you. 
She is happy and playful and always smiling. :)
She does scream her ever lovin' head off when she is overly stimulated, but we're working on that too. Red is a very vocal girl and ALWAYS has something to say about everything.  
She loves to go over and keep poking at Shylo to get a rise out of her and get her to wake up and play, and sometimes Shylo will play with her, but mostly she doesn't bother. So Red is always on the lookout for who might have their eyes open that she can play with. Amazing how a bunch of fairly young adults will squeeze their eyes shut in protest!

We've had small dogs come in for boarding as well as some cockers with attitude, and Red was a dream through it all. There were a couple of times she looked at me like: "Are you kidding me right now?", but she was really great with all and I was SO proud of her! She has come a long, long way. :)
Red would love a home that someone is around most of the time, has another easy going dog for her to play with and is fairly active. She is not a jogging partner anymore, but she loves to hike go for long walks. She ADORES swimming, and is usually the focal point of any beach with all that bellyaching she does to get back in the water! 
She is an inside dog, and loves the comforts of the couch, so if your looking for an off the sofa kind of girl, she isn't it. Infact, if you could throw her a blanket at bed time, that would much appreciated...

We think Red is a pretty great dog, and we'd love to see that solid gold home come along and find her. She's been waiting a long time.

June 2011

We are happy to report that Red has been adopted! One of our long time supporters (and 3 time adopter!) and close friends had taken Red into their home in February to foster her. It only took a short time for them to fall madly in love with her and realize that she was home the day she walked into their home.

Red now lives with another of our GSRBC dogs, as well as 2 affenpinschers AND...... a CAT! Who she is doing terrific with! Way to go Red! You nailed it big time!  We are so happy for this match, and also that we will get to see her all the time.  Thank you to Thomas and Linnea, for stretching your hearts just a little bit wider :)


                                Special thanks to all Red's supporters!

Robin Feiner ~ February 2010
Nina, Bruce & Arko ~ February 2010
Nina, Bruce & Arko ~ March 2010
Lost Trail Ranch ~ April 2010
Robin Feiner ~ July 2010
Brenda Edwards ~ August 2010
Leanne Casey ~ September 2010
Leanne Casey ~ October 2010
J & S Kantor ~ October 2010
Leanne Casey ~ November 2010
Robin Feiner ~ November 2010
Leanne Casey ~ December 2010
Janie Thistle ~ December 2010
Robin Feiner ~ December 2010
Mark & Crystal ~ In memory of Bullet & Journey

Thank you for your support!!





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