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Englewood Courtyard Charity Giveaway

Check out our adoptables page! We had quite a few new dogs find safety at GSRBC


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Dogtoberfest 2015!

Englewood Courtyard Charity Giveaway

We had a blast once again! Thank you all so much for your amazing support!



Our Story

In the Beginning:

GSRBC was founded in 2003. "It was pretty much a one man show in the beginning," says Kelly Cook. "My first German Shepherd, Cody, was the love of my life - a true soul mate, and taught me so much about the breed. When he died, I was devastated. It is because of him that GSRBC was born, and because of him that hundreds of dogs are alive today".

The Growing Years:

Over time, other GSD lovers started to come forward. Each with their own special dog in their past. A few of us got together and we got our provinical non-profit status under the society act. Our volunteer base quickly grew and by the next year, we applied for and were accepted right away to be designated as a charitable organization in Canada.  Over the years, our volunteer base has grown considerably. There are so many people out there that love this breed as we do. Gerry came along around 2006 and has been with me ever since. She really is my right arm and I don't think I could do this without her. She came to visit one day and see what we do, and now she is vice-president of the society and heads up all our fundraising efforts!

We've had many ups and downs in our history as GSRBC, but we always seem to come out of the rough times with renewed strength and focus. And we continue to grow...

Where we're going:

At GSRBC we all have one thing in common - we care deeply about animals and we are committed to relieving the pain of those that are suffering. The wider network of supporters, volunteers and fundraisers who help us in so many different ways share our passion and they form a vital part of the team: without them we could not save a single animal. Our small teams of people in different parts of the province are driven by the same determination. Vets, behaviour experts, animal rescuers and dogwalkers, fosters and kennel staff, fundraisers and volunteers, administrative staff and trustees - we are all working for a common cause.
At GSRBC each individual has an important role to play in the charity's overall success. We all need the ability to be able to work and make decisions independently, but everyone must also be a teamplayer. We strive to communicate effectively with each other and share the highs and lows of our efforts to help animals. Sometimes it can be harrowing and heartbreaking work, but it is also often rewarding and uplifting. We all count ourselves lucky to be part of the GSRBC family and to be making a real difference to animals' lives.

We want to be a valuable resource to our community. We believe that one person can make the difference in the life of an animal in need, so as an organization, we have more strength to help more animals. The dogs have taught us so much over the years. They give us back more than we could ever give to them...

Our Board of Directors:

personel bio picToday, Kelly shares her life with DeJay, Loki & Enzo Kelly - President/K9 Coordinator &Operations
While heavily involved in volunteering for different animal shelters and rescues, I slowly realized that my attraction to all these very deserving dogs was more oriented towards the "special needs" ones. I knew that the young and pretty would find their way into a home or at the very least a rescue. However, the medical, older and most importantly the ones who had "issues" were always left behind. Their fate was sealed the moment they showed any type of fear, aggression or behavior that did not conform to the norm...
I have found that with the right guidance and understanding they all can live as valuable family members in today's society. More importantly, these dogs have the ability to teach you things about yourself no one else can...
personel bio pic
Gerry and her family have since added Reuggar to their pack in 2009
Gerry - Vice President/Fundraising Coordinator
Gerry taught grade 6s and 7s for 30 years and is now happily retired on the Southern Gulf Islands. "I found GSRBC on the internet when we had our first girl, Ceilidh, a beautiful GS/Malinois cross. Reading about the dogs and the wonderful work GSRBC does, I knew I wanted to help. When Zeeva came along we started fostering and we haven't looked back since. Zeeva is a great foster sister and a great teacher to me and the dogs. I couldn't be prouder of this organization and what we do. The dogs I have worked with and the people I have met will be in my heart forever!"
personel bio pic
Linnea and her family have adopted 3 dogs from GSRBC over the years, and also share their home with 2 affenpinschers and 1 cat who rules the roost!
Linnea - Director/Secretary & Administration
Linnea is the rock of GSRBC. She pulls it all together, always says the right things, and always keeps everyone on track! You can be sure that every "i" is dotted, every "t" is crossed and everyone goes away happy!
Linnea has been with GSRBC since she adopted her first dog from us in 2004! Buddy, now Bodo, is still going strong and continues to fill their hearts every day.
Along with adopting and fostering quite a few dogs over the years, Linnea comes from a strong background in management, administration, investor relations, communications, media communications and research.
Another strong player on the GSRBC team and we are so lucky to have her!
Most recently, our special girl Red has found a place in their hearts and we know she will always be well loved!
Kelli & Clint - Business/Finance
Clint and Kelli head up the business and finance side of things of GSRBC. They are the master minds behind our society structure, budgets and organization. Both business owners with thriving businesses, Clint and Kelli bring a lot to the table to keep GSRBC running smoothly. They are always our top sellers in every raffle and have supported this organization for more than 4 years.
In 2009, they adopted Reuben from us, and we can honestly say that he wants for nothing! There has never been a dog more loved than Reuben, and Clint is always ready with a story or a laugh on what their most amazing boy did today. :) GSRBC and the dogs that come through this society are very lucky to have these two hardworking, committed volunteers on their side!





GSRBC was formed in June of 2003....


We were incorporated with non profit status on October 29th 2004.......


We recieved federal charitable status in Canada on April 1st 2005. Charitable #86377 4832 RR0001....


We depend on our wonderful extended family of fosters, volunteers, adopters and supporters to carry on in our mission....


Without them, we could never continue to save as many dogs as we do....


It is thanks to people like you that we are successful!


100% of all donations go directly into the rescued dog's new beginning....


Providing everything from medical treatement, to training, food supplies and in some cases, boarding....


Adoption fees help, but are not enough.... The average cost per dog in 2010 was approximately $2166.15


Your donations are SO important... Please consider helping us continue on in our work...

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Latest News

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  • As we welcome Relic, Echo, and Chase into our care..
  • We're working on their webpages, so stay tuned!
  • Check out our blog for the latest news...

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