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Dogtoberfest 2015!

Englewood Courtyard Charity Giveaway

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why German Shepherds?
  2. Why feed a raw diet ... ?
  3. How do I know GSRBC is reputable ... ?
  4. How are my donations used ... ?
  5. Do all rescue dogs have issues ... ?
  6. What areas does GSRBC adopt to ... ?
  7. How is GSRBC funded...?
  8. Can I come and view the dogs for adoption...?
  9. Why is there an adoption fee...?
  10. Why do you require a home visit...?
  11. How can I donate money, items or services to GSRBC...?
  12. How can I become a volunteer...?

Why German Shepherds ?

  • German Shepherds are among the most popular breeds to own. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most misunderstood breeds, which results in a correspondingly large number of these dogs ending up in shelters and pounds. Very often in a shelter situation, GSDs do not 'display' well and quickly become unadoptable.
  • As a breed rescue, we know our breed well. We are experienced with their health, nutrition and temperament needs. This ensures that when we are matching a dog to an adopter, we are able to make the perfect match every time.


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Why do you feed a raw diet ... ?

  • We get this question a lot. Sometimes people think that because we are a rescue and often struggling for funds, that we should feed a cheaper diet to our rescue dogs. We find that feeding a balanced raw diet lessens health problems, and actually saves us on vet bills. The first thing we notice when starting our foster dogs on a raw diet is the improvement of their dental health. With healthier mouths these dogs are at a lower risk of heart, liver, and kidney disease. Their coats become shiny, allergy issues clear up and ear or eye infections do not return.
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How do I know GSRBC is reputable ... ?

  • GSRBC was incorporated with non-profit status on October 29, 2004, and received federal Charitable status in Canada on April 1, 2005. **Our expenses, income and spending habits are available on the CRA site for the public to view. GSRBC has helped more that 200 dogs since its inception, and we always stand behind our dogs. Our mission is not to just pull dogs from shelters and flip them into unsuspecting homes, but to work in the best interests of both our dogs and our adopters. We believe in full disclosure, and will always give all the information to our adopters. We will not put dangerous dogs into the public, and will take back any dog we have placed - at any point in their lives. We support our dogs and adopters for life.
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How are my donations used ... ?

  • 100% of your donation goes to the dogs!! The majority of our donations go towards veterinarian care and food. Items are used for numerous fundraising projects that will help us raise money towards those vet and food bills. Not to mention, our dogs are always looking for toys, treats, and supplies!
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Do all rescue dogs have issues ... ?

  • No! Many of our dogs have been neglected or 'given up' due to individuals who, for whatever reasons, were not willing to be responsible pet owners - unprepared for the time, money and care required. In our "throw away" society, our pets are often the ones to suffer. Many of the dogs that come into care have had some obedience training in their past and just need consistency and follow up.
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What areas does GSRBC adopt to ... ?

  • Most of our adoptions occur in the lower mainland of BC or Vancouver Island. Each adoption is a very personal process for our volunteers. We want to get to know our adopters; where they live, what their home is like and who is in their immediate family (both 2 and 4 legged members) Likewise, we want to make sure we are available to help our adopters whenever we may be needed - whether that be 1 week, 1 month or 1 year down the road. So it is not feasible for us to place dogs farther than we can easily travel.  We have made exceptions for harder to place dogs, or for dogs in foster care with trusted members of our society that live in outer areas.
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How is GSRBC funded ... ?

  • GSRBC receives no government funding. We are funded primarily through private donations from individuals like you, along with the financial support of our fundraising efforts. We will often use our personal funds as well to help cover the ever growing costs of rescue. Contrary to what some may assume, GSRBC is NOT part of a government funded shelter system.
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Can I come view the dogs for adoption ... ?

  • GSRBC works on an approved application basis only. We do not have a shelter with business hours. All of our dogs are living in volunteer foster homes where they learn house manners and are continuing obedience training and socialization. Since we can't have the public randomly showing up at our foster homes, we have developed a procedure that keeps everything flowing smoothly. Once your application has been approved and a match has been made, you will be invited out at an appointed time, to meet your potential new dog.
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Why is there a fee to adopt ... ?

  • The adoption fee goes towards vet expenses of the dogs. Our adoption fees range from $250.00 - $350.00.  ****** However the average cost of a dog going through our program is anywhere between $500.00 and $10,000.00 before they are ready for adoption. While adoption fees help, they are not nearly enough to fund even one dog's needs. The money we raise in our fundraising efforts, and the public's donations are what help to cover the excess costs associated with our dogs - and keep us going to be able to help the next one in need.
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Why do you require a home visit ... ?

  • We are not only very bonded to our dogs, but we believe we have a moral responsibility to make sure that they are going to the kind of home that is best suited to them. We want to see the environment in which one of our dogs may be living. Not every house and home is suited to the dog they have chosen to adopt. By visiting your home, our volunteers can help you choose the dog that will suit your family the best.
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How can I donate money, items or services to GSRBC ... ?

  • Donations can be made through PayPal or by mail to:
    German Shepherd Rescue of BC
    #127 - 86014 Vedder Road
    Chilliwack, BC
    V2R 5P5

    If items are too big to post, email OR and we will attempt to arrange 'pick up' by one of our volunteers in your area.
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How can I become a volunteer... ?

  • We would love to have you aboard! Just email us and our Volunteer Coordinator will email a 'volunteer application' to be filled out. Once it is completed, and references checked, you will be invited to join our team.
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GSRBC was formed in June of 2003....


We were incorporated with non profit status on October 29th 2004.......


We recieved federal charitable status in Canada on April 1st 2005. Charitable #86377 4832 RR0001....


We depend on our wonderful extended family of fosters, volunteers, adopters and supporters to carry on in our mission....


Without them, we could never continue to save as many dogs as we do....


It is thanks to people like you that we are successful!


100% of all donations go directly into the rescued dog's new beginning....


Providing everything from medical treatement, to training, food supplies and in some cases, boarding....


Adoption fees help, but are not enough.... The average cost per dog in 2010 was approximately $2166.15


Your donations are SO important... Please consider helping us continue on in our work...

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  • As we welcome Relic, Echo, and Chase into our care..
  • We're working on their webpages, so stay tuned!
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