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loved one that has crossed the rainbow bridge.All donations will go directly to the care of all the German Shepherds in our program.
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Your Memories...


 Cody was a true Shepherd.
He was noble and strong, aloof yet loving. Protective and playful at the same time. He taught me about the true nature of a German Shepherd. He was so in tune with me every second of the day, and I was just so proud of him all of the time. Not for anything special.... sometimes just for the way his ear fell while he slept.
We lived the good life together of just over 10 years.
Then one summer I was combing him out and noticed a hard mass in his anal area. Tests came back positive for cancer. We put him through a few surgeries to remove the same tumor in his anal sac, but it was so aggressive that it would be back within 2 months. In March of 2004, the last one grew so fast that it was blocking his ability to have a bowel movement.
After many, many tears I knew I had to do for him, what only I could make the decision to do... It was March 19th of 2004 that I took him in. I held him and felt like my life was leaving me too. I miss him so terribly every single day, but everyday, I use that to keep me focused on helping more dogs.
I don't want these beautiful dogs to be forgotten in the shelters. I want them to have the love and life that Cody had.                   
~ Kelly Cook, Chilliwack BC
 I admire what what your group is doing and was pleased to hear that you received my donation.
I had to put my old Shepherd x down last Sept. Marty found us in Mission 13 years ago, I phoned the SPCA to see if someone had lost their dog. the volunteer homes were full and would I please be able to keep him until they could do something or the owner was found. He never left, I paid the SPCA adoption fee to make sure that he truly he was mine. The vet thought he was about 2 at the time, solived to a wonderful old age. I miss my big fellow, and hope that you will be able use the money to help another dog in need.  
~ Beth Johnston, Port Moody, BC
  Solo was my soul mate at a very difficult time in my life. He died prematurely and suddenly in 1998, at 5 years old. He died of unknown causes, perhaps a heart attack.

He was so loved...

~ Barbara DeMott, Sechelt BC
Nikko was perfect and we had an amazing 5 year love affair with him. He was a very special boy and possessed all of the amazing traits that you would expect from a GSD.
Everyone knew he was special and he was much loved in the neighborhood, with extended family, at the vets, everywhere.
We were crushed when he was diagnosed this past August with Osteosarcoma and we lost him. In the end it came very quickly and I was able to spend an hour with him saying goodbye and telling him what a wonderful boy he was. We were staring into each others eyes when he left. That was Oct. 9th/04.   He is greatly missed
~ Linnea & Thomas Sellin, Coquitlam BC


 Chase Coello. Came into our lives in 1999 and left us in 2004.
She left her mark on our hearts & we are thankful for her unending love & devotion. She was truly beautiful in looks and personality, and is dearly missed.
We sadly had to put Chase to rest Oct 20/04, after she bravely battled Degenerative Myelopathy for a year and a half. She won the fight with rear end paralysis, as she gladly got her mobility back with the use of a cart. But then she developed a tumor in her abdomen which was discovered too late to save her with surgery.  She was adopted from the SPCA in Kelowna, as a stray, and we enjoyed each other's company for only 5 years.
~Bev Coello, Kelowna BC
We would like to honor the memory of our great dog Chris, lost to cancer four years ago.

He was our mentor, teacher, friend and occasionally goofy fellow, our perfect German Shepherd Dog .

We miss him every day.

 "Loving Memory" of Dhillon..... who died from cancer in February 2005 after giving us nine years of unconditional love, mischief, fun, fitness and heartache.
We knew it would be only a matter of time before we would have to find another shepherd so in the spring I contacted Kelly at GSRBC and if it wasn't for her we would not have found Jet.
He has his own characteristic, charm and love and was accepted after a couple of weeks by Lily our cat. Jet was once a couch potato but now he's up at 5 every morning and running the trails with us or flinging himself in the air trying to catch his Frisbee, he's come a long way and we're so proud of him (we've even joined agility classes).
Therefore what can I say Kelly without you we wouldn't be this happy so my hats off to you for the great work you do.
~Sue, Tom, Lily and Jet - Vancouver Island
Vigosprides Officers Hunt CD, HIC, CGN

Hunter was an inspiration to many (people and dogs alike). He was a great foster 'mom' for dogs and cats a like, saved many lives, was an amazing working dog, protector and my best friend and soul mate.

He will be forever missed and always love and remembered.

~ Jaime Kinna
I just wanted to write you a quick line to tell you that our beloved Rebel went to the Rainbow Bridge today.

We are just so heartbroken!
I really don’t know how you do this – losing a dog has got to be the hardest thing I have ever dealt with.
RIP Rebel – You was the best darn dog anyone could wish for!
~Karan Wood
 We recently had to have Max put to sleep for he was 12.5 yrs old and had degenerative nerves in his hip and hip dysphasia for the past 2 years.

Max (Maxsamillion Bard) born Feb 18 1994 male purebred German Shepherd

(Cremated) Past on July 31 2006

Max was my best friend and my family and I will love and remember him always.

Max resides in a urn at our home.

~ Dave Smith
 In loving memory of Dante 1999-2006.

Dante passed away suddenly, while doing something he loved - playing with Dad.

His sweet, kind & loving disposition will be missed by all. A piece of our hearts is lost with you.

~ Love always, Mum, Dad, Bev & Codi.
 Circa 1988 - September 26, 2006

About 8 years ago, Kona came into my life via CARES, a Langley shelter for homeless cats. He was on display at PetSmart and was calling to me through the bars of his cage. I asked to see him and the volunteer let me hold him. He immediately hung onto me, like a big hug, and purred. I said I'll take this one. His card said he had been relinquished at the age of 10, along with his brother. They had been adopted out together and then returned due to "allergies" and his brother had been adopted without him this time.
I brought Kona into my condo and he was immediately the ruler of the kingdom. He found the softest place and curled up. He knew how to play with toys. He knew to use the scratching post and was always a good boy about this. He loved to eat and loved treats. He would yell for them.
Kona came with some interesting quirks -- he LOVED toothpaste and would dig guests' toothbrushes out of their overnight bags
and lick them. Everything was his, his, his......the newest blanket, pillow, toy, box to squeeze into, paper bag, tissue paper -- he loved anything new and was the first to try things out.
He was confident, loving, knew the art of lounging and was a bit of a hedonist. He tolerated his sister Penelope, although when I first brought her home from the shelter about a month after I adopted him, Kona decided to move up on top of the kitchen cupboards and stayed there for a week, sulking. They were never best buddies but in time learned to play tag together, I would often hear them tearing through my place in the night.
Kona believed that flower vases were simply another source of water for him and would often shove the flowers out of the way to get a drink. He insisted on his own water glass on the kitchen counter. He participated in Friday night barbecues and sat with Crystal at the foot of the table waiting for tastes of steak. Kona also loved guests and would groom them if they let him.
He slept in my arms pretty much every night since I brought him home. His favorite place in the world was over my shoulder, sort of like a sack, with one big paw out flexing in happiness, and I would rub his back and he would talk to me.
In June he started to lose weight and I took him to our trusted vet, Dr. Lau. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which causes the body to burn any fuel up before it is nourished, and also had a tooth that required removal. He was feisty and survived the anesthetic and would willingly take his daily meds to help with the hyperthyroidism.
Last week he started to fail. He dramatically lost weight, stopped grooming himself (I didn't mind doing this for him) and spent most of his time in his basket in front of the fireplace, huddled under a
blanket. In the last two days he started to falter, when he would try to stand his weak little limbs could not carry him. He would try to eat ferociously when I brought him food, but that was his illness, starving him to death.
Today I made the very, very tough but right decision to say good-bye. I held him in my arms as he passed and told him what a good, good kitty boy he had been, and how very much I loved him. Run free over the bridge, my beautiful baby boy. Be whole once again.

I miss him oh so much and always will. He was my heart kitty.
~ Sharon Boehm
 We found Ben at the SPCA in 1997 where he had arrived as a stray.
The staff thought he was about 2 years old. He looked full grown and weighed about 75 lbs. When he had his vet check, the vet found puppy teeth. He estimated his age at around 8 months old.
Needless to say, our “puppy” grew and grew. His adult weight was 140 lbs. and he stood 5’9” when he was on his hind legs. He was an intimidating big baby.
Ben was kept busy by two young boys who he watched grow into young men. He was wary of people until we got a puppy to keep him company in 2002. He mellowed completely when she arrived and turned into everyone’s best friend.
Ben was a loyal and brave dog.
He died December 2, 2006 when his giant loving heart failed. We miss him very much.
~ Ben’s family
Raven 1994-2007 I
t's hard to believe it has been a month already since I lost my Raven. I think I hear her some days, and I see a part of her in every old dog I meet. My thoughts wander often of her, with every bee that passes me, or a song, or even the mailman! I find myself looking for moments to be quiet and just be with her again and remember.
I miss her everyday, but find comfort in the strangest things; like her favorite spot or blanket. She was with me for 13 years, and saw me through many changes in my life.
She was my heart dog. She was my best friend. I miss her.
~ Angel Downs, Surrey, BC

One year has gone by so quickly. We're all thinking of you and your special Raven today... Sending you lots of gentle hugs ~ All of us here at GSRBC
Shadow ~ November 7th 1993 - July 10th 2007

Today I got up, and he wasn't there. I walked by the couch, and he was not curled up there sleeping. He didn't follow me down the stairs and into the yard. When I fed breakfast, his special bowl remained empty.
Death is so final. So instant. No second chances, no more last good-byes, or one more hugs. One moment they are here, and right before your eyes, they slip away. We can not stop time, and they are never with us long enough.
For 14 years, my grumpy little Shadow has always been right with me. I only ever had to look to my side to find him.
He only had 1 home in all his life. Mine. I can't say it was the best home. But he was surely well loved, and I believe he knew that.
Shadow spoke to me with his eyes, his body, his heart. I always knew exactly what he was thinking...
I saw him fading on me, and I tried so hard to stop the hands of time.
The 1st day I ever laid eyes on my boy, was when he was 6 weeks old, and my husband had brought him home for the flea market. I picked him up and looked into the eyes of a very precious soul.
Over the years, I looked into those same eyes as they questioned, as they went red with fire in them, as they tracked my every movement, and as they grew sad when we lost our beloved Cody, his only true canine friend.
I looked in them as they filled with mischief, and as they searched mine, giving me comfort, love and support when I needed it.
Yesterday I looked in those eyes, that I know so, so well, and watched as the life left them. He was ready, and he slipped away quickly and quietly.
Life won't be the same without my Shad. He kept me grounded. Reminded me of who I am at times when I needed it, and always humbled me.

I'll never forget.
 ~ Kelly Cook

Lona 1993-2006 Jack 1995-2007 Lona and Jack - thanks for everything that you were and all that you gave to us... Lona was with us from age 12 weeks and ruled the household, Jack came to us at age 7 from a shelter, he was gentleman and a complete love. Thanks to you Kelly and GSRBC for all you do for GSDs who find themselves in unhappy circumstances

~ Liz Holovsky - Pender Island, BC
Rue 1999 - 2007

Fearless Rue came to us 4 years ago from the SPCA. She explored many happy trails with us.
She loved to play baseball, swim, fetch sticks and teased us with her speed. She knew the meaning of fire alarms. We had been told that she had save her 1st owner from drowning in one of the iced lakes of Alberta.
She will never be forgotten.
Goodbye Ruby (Muffin) girl; may you play ball forever.
Love Sye, mom + dad

'In loving memory of Sasha.  The entire family misses you so much!'

I was also hoping that you may be able to put up a photo of Sasha on your 'in memory' page, as she passed away this summer and this was our first Christmas without her.  I have attached a copy of the photo to this email.

Heather Lovely on behalf of Alec Lovely

Now that we are going on our vacation and eagerly awaiting Ellie's life time stay with us, I thought it would be a good idea to sponsor a dog. I read the story about Voodoo, and think she would be an excellent dog for us to help sponsor.
We would like to sponsor Ebony (Artica's Voodoo) in our dog Jack's memory.
He lived from Aug. 18, 1984 to Feb. 12, 2008. Jack's mother was a black lab cross who had been surrendered to the local animal shelter with a number of other dogs as a result of a police investigation. Jack's mother was young and pregnant when she was adopted. As a first time mom she had 10 puppies to care for! Jack's mother's name was also Ebony, and Jack was from her first and onlylitter of puppies. Ebony lived a long and happy life, and so did Jack. We loved, and continue to love Jack dearly. His love, patience, unquestioning loyalty, and quirky sense of humor will always be in our hearts.
When I read Ebony's story I immediately thought of Jack, and think this would be a very fitting tribute for him and for his mother.
~ Madeleine and Les Layton, Vancouver Island
In memory of my beloved German Shepherd Teal'c (March 18th 2000 - Sept. 1st 2005), I would like to sponsor Logan.

Logan has the same soulful eyes that Teal'c had. Teal'c was my best friend, my companion, my protector and my doggy soul mate. He was the perfect German Shepherd. From the time I first held him in my arms as a five week old puppy, we were inseparable. After escaping my abusive husband, Teal'c and I were on our own. He let me sob into his fur and licked my tears away. At the ago of 5, he began to have grand mal seizures; Six months later they were uncontrollable, the medications stopped working and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There will always be a part of my heart and soul missing, but I know that he is waiting for me at the bridge. If I could have another dog (I currently have a female GSD) I would adopt Logan in a heartbeat!!  But for now, I am content to sponsor him and hopefully help him on his way to a better life full of love.
~ Kristin Oliver, British Columbia
In loving memory of Hunter (May 19, 2006 – May 10, 2008), who passed away suddenly with his owners at his side.

Our beautiful boy was a proud, strong GSD. He was our protector, our friend, our baby.
He is forever in our hearts. We’ll see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Sheila and Seth, sister Bella, and K9 companion Sasha. ~ Victoria, BC

In memory of John Gilray, DVM, VS

With love from Sharon and Crystal

Please put this to use as you see fit.

It's in memory of my GSD Mica who I had to have put to sleep last week. My constant companion & everyone's friend for almost 12 years.

Steve Wasylik ~ Kamloops, BC

In memory of our Katie ~ July 5 1994 - July 18 2007

A donation for little Asia, to help her start her life over again. She reminds us so much of Katie!

It's hard to believe she's been gone over a year already... seems like just yesterday.

Cynthia, Darrell, Winnie & Jake ~ Surrey, BC
Schooner’s Bosse ~ March 28, 2000 to October 28, 2008

The happy wagging tail made all those early mornings worth it. As soon as he saw us coming, you couldn't help the smile that crept across your face when you watched his face light up. There was no better time of the day than that morning walk. Anyone lucky enough to play with him in the snow is smiling right now. When the powerful German Shepherd transformed into a puppy right in front of your eyes.... I'm warmed by the thought that we were able to provide him with that kind of joy.
He protected us, and we protected him. We all remember times we felt safe simply because he was within arms reach. Right now, we may feel that we've failed him, but all of us know we did everything in our power to enrich his life, and there are people here that can promise you we succeeded.
Share your favorite memories with each other, I'm sure he would agree those were some good times. He was content as long as you were there smiling at him. Even more if you were laughing. Always remember how ecstatic he was to be loose in the office when we were all there at the same time. He loved all of us so much he didn't know what to do with himself.
October 28th 2008 will always be the saddest day Storage for Your Life has ever seen. Bosse was the oldest and most loyal employee the company has had. More than that, he was, is and always will be a part of our family and our hearts.

Rest in Pease Bosse Man... You've worked hard for it.
~ Tori Hurrell ~ Storage for Your Life Solutions Inc.
KLONDIKE - January 2, 2000 - September 18, 2008

Klondike was a very energetic boy who loved playing ball, going for truck rides and camping.
He loved to be around people and was always full of kisses.
He will be deeply missed, as he was loved so very much.
Taken from us much too soon
- Kent & Leanne Casey ~ Burnaby, BC



In loving memory of our near 14 year old beautiful German Shepherd Kaiya. 

She was full of life and lots and lots of love. We have never known a dog to smile as much as she did or have as many human friends as she did ... we feel much happiness knowing she is now with her big sister Indaica.

We miss her greatly!!

~ Kelli & Clint (a.k.a. mommy & daddy) ~ Vancouver, BC

Storm ~ August 3, 1997 to May 9, 2009

Hit by a car at 5 1/2 months, he suffered breaks to both front legs, one being close to the right elbow.
He was saved by the doctors on duty that Sunday, who took him on as a special project. Seven weeks later I adopted him at less than 70 lbs. Little did I know he would fill out to be a 93 lb powerhouse. He limped
with a right elbow that was partly fused and arthritic, but he never slowed down much until his later years. He was on Metacam for virtually his whole life. Once he discovered the Kong, he became obsessed. With
playing several times a day, much of the back yard became dirt (or mud).
Even in the days before he passed, he wanted to track the Kong, if only for a few feet. Hip dysplasia and his right elbow brought him to his end. He went to his peace calmly, trusting us to do the right thing after his left hip and right elbow gave out.

~ Howard Copeland~ Surrey, BC
I have been following the story of Cargo.  I'm not sure why her little face has captured my interest but it has. I just today donated through paypal to help pay for her costs during her wait for her forever home.  I'd like to make it in memory of my boy Jackson who left me too soon at 7 due to leukemia.  He and Cargo have that same gleam in their eyes!

 Although Jackson never had to endure any hardship (unless you count a bath as a hardship which I think he may have!) I now have a rescue who is a lab/Shepherd mix that I named Charlie.  I saw in Charlie a dog who'd been abused, left to starve and be alone transform into a dog who now trusts that his 'pack' will be there. He has a thick coat (rather then bare spots), and who doesn't gulp his food thinking its all he may get and who is coming along well in his training!  I applaud you all and everyone who has ever stood up for those who cannot defend themselves! 

Keep doing the great things you do.  Thank you.

~ Bonnie C.~ Richmond, BC

 In memory of Eli Oct. 1993- Aug. 2008

Eli came to me from an organization who works with the homeless. He had been terribly abused and was fearful of loud noises, men, hats and raised voices. He was a gentle soul. We immediately were so very close. He would have followed me to the ends of the Earth. Slowly, as he became accustomed to being treated with love and kindness, his confidence grew. Although, he remained fearful of loud noises his entire life, he became a strong, happy and loving dog.
Our life together was an eternal adventure. We traveled to Mexico, hiked through forests and across beaches nearly everyday, found the love of my life together, got married to my love, my husband, Jeff, and shared the joy of children and the plethora of toys and crumbs they provide.
I always felt safe and comforted with Eli by my side, as he felt with me. He was my companion, my buddy, my sidekick. He wasn't a face licker but when times were hard he was there to lay his head in my lap or listen as I cried. In his last few months of his 15 year life, he provided the comfort and support that no one else seemed able to give after the sudden and unexpected death of my beloved husband. We mourned together and he stayed with me as I lost myself in grief.
Five months after my husband died, I had to make the choice to end my companion's suffering. He had slipped a disk and I took him to numerous vets and specialists even considering having surgery to correct the disk. I realized that I didn't not want the last few weeks or months of his life to be filled with the pain after surgery. I wanted to repay his gift of love and loyalty with the gift of surrender. I let him go. I held him and stayed with him as he passed, crying for the last time into his fur. I will miss him eternally and I can only hope that he is out there somewhere playing his favorite game of fetch on the beach with the only man he ever grew to love.
I only wish I could thank him again for being my best friend through all the years as I grew from a girl to a woman.

You're a good boy, Eli. I love you always. ~ Jackie Chandler

Buddy and I met by chance and it was love at first sight. He was a gentle soul and truly taught me the meaning of unconditional love. We were together every day for 10 years and were in tune with each other in every way. He was the light of every day and my peace every night.
But the thing I am most proud of is how brave a boy he was. On November 10th 2008 Buddy was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. By this point the disease was progressing and I found out there is no cure. We could only manage it with medication...it was devastating news. Through each day my boy showed amazing courage no matter what the disease put his body through. His spirit soared as his body began to fail him. His courage gave me strength and we fought together…cherishing every day, knowing how precious time was.
On August 5th 2009 I only had to look into his eyes to know he was ready. So that afternoon we lay in the grass together and cuddled close. I could feel the velvet of his ear on my cheek and it was like our hearts beat as one. The breeze was blowing and the sun dappled through the trees. In that moment….time stood still and it was just me and my boy. Then came the time to say goodbye. I held him in my arms and looked into his eyes and told him he is so loved and to wait for me at the bridge. It was peaceful as God took him from my arms to his. Part of me went with him and he left me the best part of himself in my heart. I will miss him everyday until the day we are together forever.

~ Janie Thistle ~ White Rock, BC
Please accept this donation in memory of Dave Flynn, Couper's Dad. The two of them were inseparable and Dave was so proud of his boy...

I will miss Dave's emails and photos of Couper's Antics. These notes made the fostering process so very rewarding.

~ Gerry Phillips ~ Pender Island, BC
IN LOVING MEMORY OF MONTY  ~ Anne Grover's very special boy, who will be forever missed

*I know that you've heard the devastating news about Anne Grover's beautiful Monty. I still can't get over that he's gone; he was my big friend and I loved him deeply. My Zoe really misses her 'big brother'. I'd like to make a donation to GSRBC in Monty's honor in the amount of $72.00 (seventy-two). ~ Jennie Virtue ~ Vancouver, BC

*We would like to make a donation to GSRBC in memory of Monte (Anne Grover’s boy).
~ Ailsa Le May and Margit McGrath (Anne’s neighbors & friends)

*Sir Monty was all the best things you could ask from a dog. A companion, a protector and quite often a big old goofball. While tragically shortened, his life brought great joy to so many, especially my mom. He will have a special place in our memories.
~ Geoff & Morgen

*Devastating indeed...
GSRBC sends our heartfelt condolences out to Anne. Words are not enough to take away the heartache of losing such a special and trusted friend and family member.
Monty was the true essence of the German Shepherd dog, and helped many others along their way in his life, including a few GSRBC dogs that needed a special place to land. Monty took them in and showed them the ropes - the ever patient teacher with nothing but experience and tolerance to give.
Thank you Monty, for helping our dogs along the way, and thank you for taking care of your Mom all these years.
You will be deeply, deeply missed for a very long time...
~ GSRBC Board of Directors
I recently said goodbye to one of my dearest friends. My Belgian sheepdog, Windy Sue.
She was the most wonderful dog and friend that I could ever have hoped to know. We did so much together and made so many great friends. I got her from a breeder when she was 3 years old, a re-home. We learned agility together, ran long distances, visited nursing homes, walked together every day, cuddled and loved.
She passed away Nov. 23rd, in my arms, at the age of almost 13 1/2.
My husband, Bruce, my other Belgian sheepdog, Trooper, and I, are trying to go on without her, but we miss her so.
She was the sunshine in my life. ~ Mary Butler ~ Maple Ridge, BC

Please accept this donation to help sponsor Jackson. In memory of Windy Sue - for our good friend Mary Butler. To all the puppies dogs we have loved and will always miss.
~Marla and Chad Maple Ridge, BC

In Memory of Crystal Wannamaker. (this is my Christmas gift to my friend, Tammi, who lost Crystal in 2008 at the ripe age of 17ish)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to dogs in need. Merry Christmas!

~ Mary Butler ~ Maple Ridge, BC
We met Mabel online in the fall of 2007. She was a senior dog but her spirit was not old. She gave her love, made us laugh, and surprised us with her wisdom. She coped with her physical disabilities and was willing to wear whatever contraption that helped her along. She was our sunshine girl. Our 1.5 year niece called her “Able.”

She loved hiking Mount Ida and South Canoe trails. She would dance in front of the truck’s side door begging to go somewhere. It felt like she had been ours from the beginning. She was a quick study and loyal in everyway.

When Mabel decided not to come with us for our morning walk on February 5, 2010, we knew that it was her time. Her body has given up and her feisty spirit was not able to carry her through anymore. My best birthday present was she allowed me to spend the day with her before she took her last breath on the morning of February 7th at home with all of us by her side.
When we see sunshine, we think of Mabel because she is one.

~ Alice & Winston ~ Salmon Arm, BC
Today was the worst. Tears, anger, sadness. It is all so final and the straw that broke my back came when an ambulance roared up the road this morning. There was no singing. No perfect pitch. No Charlie. Our house with three dogs, three cats and three people feels so empty. How can that be? It is this way because Charlie was so BIG! BIG in spirit, BIG in heart and HUGE in personality and life. I have a HUGE hole in my heart and hate being so busy right now because it takes me away from him and missing and mourning him. I finally had the call on Friday from the vet's office that he is ready to come home.

He never let us down, he allowed himself to trust and love a family anew even though his first people abandoned him when he needed them the most. He always gave way more then he ever expected and he never lost his sense of humor, never, not even at the end.

I am so grateful to have shared the past five years with Charlie Bear, he was the soul of this house and gave us so much, our entire pack! He lead and he protected and was intuitive, he always cared about how we felt and keeping us safe. He was the best of his breed and once again we had neighbors come to pay respects and to say goodbye - he was so loved by all and this is testament to him. He won everyone over by just being himself and he was amazing!
I am sending you my most favorite picture of Charlie although you can't see his face, it is the final picture that I took of him and it means so much to me because it is how I will always best think and remember him. Sitting in the front window, watching, protecting, and taking very great care of us, his family.

R.I.P. Charlie Sellin July 21, 1997 - May 6, 2010

~ Linnea & Thomas ~ Port Coquitlam, BC

Our hearts go out to you today Linnea & Thomas, as we mourn the loss of Charlie with you. Take care of that great big heart of yours, and thank you for loving him so well. ~ GSRBC Board of Directors

Please accept this donation in memory of Emma Marchment ~ November 1, 1997 – July 5, 2010

~ Trish, Bob & family

Enjoy the big frisbee park in the sky Miss Emma-Dog.
We were so blessed to enjoy your kisses, knowing looks and bossy barks.
We will forever miss your fabulous presence in our family.

~ Marilyn ~ Vancouver, BC

In loving memory of Hank, who brought Lacey to where she needs to be..

~ Paul Mercs ~ Vancouver, BC
Please find attached a photo of our beloved German Shepherd dogs, Bullet and Journey.

Our “girls” were litter mates and the best of friends their entire lives. We lost both to cancer this past year at the age of 12 which has left a hole in both our hearts. Please take this donation and use towards Red & Bauer to help make their life better.
I found a wonderful quote that I would like you to include although I can’t properly credit the author as I don’t recall where I got it from: “If you have a dog you will most likely outlive it; To get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy, and prospectively to equally profound sadness!”
Although saying goodbye is difficult we felt it was fitting to support your wonderful organization in their honor as they were both treasured from birth to death and not all dogs are so lucky. Thank you for the work that you do in giving these dogs second chances. We have mailed a cheque for $200.00 and will continue to do so annually on our “girls” birthday. We look forward to seeing our “girls” included on your memorial pages.
~ Mark & Crystal ~ Golden, BC
March 3, 2000 - May 31, 2011

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true until the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion" (Author Unknown)
Rescued from abuse, his spirit was bent but never broken. Through kind words and gentle touch, Flyer slowly learned to trust again. He was so much more than a canine companion. He was a best friend and beloved family member .
Loyal to his last breath, Flyer's spirit lives on.

" A good dog comes, enriches our lives and leaves us better than before."

Love Your Devoted Family ~ Jim, Gayle, Debbie (Luch, Brooklyn & Maddie), Patti (Steve, Emily & Nick) and Brad (Theresa & James)
Elsje Alblas ~ October 23rd, 1963 - June 19th, 2011

Elsje was a new volunteer to our organization, who took a special shine to Sisko. A true animal lover and defender for all those who we hold dominion over. She found us, and a match was definitely made!
She fit right in with her enthusiasm, ideas, and great big heart... The animals have lost a huge advocate, and we have lost a wonderful new friend.

~ All of us here at GSRBC send our deepest condolences out to her family and friends..
We are enclosing a donation in memory of our employee, Elizabeth Alblas, who passed away June 19th, 2011
~ Coast Mountain Bus Company, Surrey BC

Caito ~ March 2010 - November 2011

Caito was the life of every party. He was highly driven and accomplished literally everything he put his mind to, although not always in a good way! He made our household feel like a family and gave us the comfort of always having a friend around. Caito was always on guard when he knew he had to be, and every other day was happy to greet people.
Caito developed a blockage in his stomach and was not able to pull through the surgery. It was a shock to us all and is still hard to believe... His life was short, but was filled with many happy memories and good times for everyone he knew and he will never be forgotten.
                  R.I.P. Caito                                                                                                  ~ Matt and Maggie

In Loving Memory of Jury.

Those who knew you, loved you and those that loved you are now painfully missing you, bringing so much joy, kindness and unconditional love to a fortunate few and your love of life, will never be forgotten.

Please use money to help all dogs in your care, German Shepherds are truly a wonderful breed.                                                  ~ Grant Maclaren

Robert Bruch ~ January 16, 1955 - October 21st 2012

Robert passed away peacefully on October 21st 2012 at the age of 57.  Robert and Linda became part of our GSRBC family when they adotped Cass from us in 2009. Cass and Robert became fast friends and Robert took great pride in our special boy.
You will be deeply missed Robert, and our hearts to out to Linda and Cass.
~ This donation is made in memory of Robert Bruch. RIP Rob...I miss your smile & presence :(                                  
... Shelly Kucher  ~ In memory of Robert Bruch 
...Cathy Wurtz ~ In memory of Robert Bruch 
 ... Ray & Joan Storzuk ~ In memory of Robert Bruch

In Loving Memory of Trooper ~ 2002 - Feb. 19th 2013

~ In memory of Trooper. Trooper's owner, Mary Butler, adopter her other dog, Cargo, from German Shepherd Rescue of BC. 
                                                                          ... Susan Akenhead

~ Our hearts go our to you today Mary. There was never a dog loved more than Trooper. He will be greatly missed.  Take care of your heart.
                                                              ... All of us here at GSRBC

Toby (Picasso) ~ 2003 - 2013

Eva and John adopted Toby (aka Picasso) from GSRBC in 2005. He was an incredible boy and a very much needed friend for John during his daily struggles with dementia and many other health issues.
A gentle giant, Toby won the hearts of both the Walsh’s instantly and quickly became a very important member of their family.
Toby brought a lot of love into the home and was their constant companion. He would take turns sleeping beside each of them during the night beside their sides of the bed, on the floor – to road trips in the motor home. Toby loved his walks in the woods and liked it best when the house was full of family.

He especially like Christmas because he had his own special wrapped present from Santa under the tree every year. Toby always knew which gift was his and even snuck it out from under that tree one year, and unwrapped his toy a few days before Christmas!

When John passed away in 2011, Toby was a much needed and loved companion for Eva during that difficult time.
On April 12, 2012, Toby went to be with John in heaven and we know that he’s by his side enjoying warm sunny days and long walks.  Both Toby and John Walsh are missed every day but we’re glad they’re together, again.

                                     ~ Carrie Urdiga, Vancouver BC


In Loving Memory of Tima ~ 2000 - 2013

Our beloved Tima came from GSRBC to live with us May 24 2006 when she was about 6 or 7 years old. A shy and timid little girly, girl who seemed to wear a perpetual frown, she quickly came into her own with the help of her furry mate Ben who had also come to us from GSRBC 5 weeks earlier.
The two became inseparable, like Siamese twins … a handsome pair, attached at the hip but moreso at the heart. We jokingly called Tima “our Madonna, the material girl” because she would amass ALL their toys into one pile and guard them.
In 2009, Tima was diagnosed with breast cancer and her surgery was a success … blessing us with another 4 years with our precious, precious girl. She eventually developed a vestibular problem and went very deaf, but her happy smile and beautiful disposition never diminished and never failed to warm our hearts.
Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our darling Tima a couple of weeks ago when it was obvious life was just too, too difficult for her. We held our sweet gal close to the very gentle and peaceful end and told her how precious and beautiful she was and how much we loved her. The look of love and adoration we received in return left us with no doubt that she felt the same. Benny seems lost without his “sister”, his little soulmate, and we all miss her terribly, right down to her feline playmate Buffy.
We always said we didn’t take her in … she took us in. Thank you Tima – Rest in Peace sweet girl. You are in our hearts forever.

                                                                                                                         ~Sharon, Robbie, Nicki, Benny, and Buff

Jaegar Meister July 21 2001 - December 20 2013

"May your footprints forever be in the sand"

Goodby to our beloved Guardgoyle Dog of Gnomes Hollow. Trails and roads on Pender will not be the same without you!
Thank you for twelve years of friendship, laughter and companionship.
You were very special - rest in peace my friend.
You'll live in our hearts forever.

~ Dave & Tania Schissler, Pender Island, BC

In memory of Jaegar                                      ~ Gerry Phillips, Pender Island, BC

Hi, my name is Reba  (GSD) and I just learned that my dear GSD friend, Sullivan has succumbed to cancer. I have just made a donation on PayPal in his memory.

Mum (April) connected her friend Bonnie to our GSD breeder and it was through them that Sullivan found a rehome with Bonnie. He was good with the cats and went to the office every day. They had 4 great years together.

Sullivan was a distant relative of Mum's previous GSD who lived to age 13. Sullivan did not get such a long life. Attached is a photo of us taken at Christmas 2012. I'm  age 1 1/2 on left and Sullivan is age 2 on right.

In memory of Tocai ~ AKA Toucas to his people.
You carved out a well earned place in their hearts that will always be yours.
I know that there isn't anything that I can do to lessen his family's pain but helping other dogs may be a comfort. ~ Irene Schmautz

This donation is made in honor of the late Tocai Drake. He was a beloved family member to the Drakes, and is greatly missed. ~ Emily Macdonald
In memory of Tocai the great! ;)
Tocai came to me for rehabilitation work and stole my heart from the first day. Through him, I gained a good friend in his mom and GSRBC gained the support of the Drake family, and Izzy got a great home with all them.
Tocai touched many lives in his short stay on this earth. Because of him many other dogs live on.
Rest easy now Tocai. You will be missed... ~ Kelly Cook

Also donated in Tocai's memory: David Hall, Susan Trieu, Frances Tomaso
Nika, a German Shepherd cross, was adopted by Tom Rolfe from the SPCA as a pup – with enormous feet.  Oh, oh!  As her feet indicated, she grew to be a very big girl with a huge heart and a wonderful disposition. 
When she had not seen you in awhile, whether for  5 minutes or 5 months, she would wag that whole, big, beautiful body, and she’d sing and cry her version of “Hello, hello.  Oh how I love you.”  Imagine about 110 lbs of wiggling dog wanting to get into your lap and give you kisses and you have a picture of Nika. 
She loved her dog friends, too, especially her best friend, Emmy (a GSRBC girl) and was a frequent Pender Island Dog Club participant.  Sometimes, in self defense, as she bounded up to say “Hi”, we’d bellow, “Nika, go away!”    And now, she has gone away, and we, her many human friends, will miss her terribly. 
Nika crossed the Rainbow Bridge not long ago, of cancer, and broke Tom’s, Emmy’s and so many other hearts.  Good-bye, Sweet Girl.  We love you. 
Aunt Cherie, Uncle Kevin and Sima.





GSRBC was formed in June of 2003....


We were incorporated with non profit status on October 29th 2004.......


We recieved federal charitable status in Canada on April 1st 2005. Charitable #86377 4832 RR0001....


We depend on our wonderful extended family of fosters, volunteers, adopters and supporters to carry on in our mission....


Without them, we could never continue to save as many dogs as we do....


It is thanks to people like you that we are successful!


100% of all donations go directly into the rescued dog's new beginning....


Providing everything from medical treatement, to training, food supplies and in some cases, boarding....


Adoption fees help, but are not enough.... The average cost per dog in 2010 was approximately $2166.15


Your donations are SO important... Please consider helping us continue on in our work...

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