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There are a couple of things we'd like you to know about this page. One is that each photo and story represents a heartbreaking loss. We worked with these dogs (and lived with them) and we knew them all personally. Some were lost to illness and some to irreparable temperament issues. We could hide these dogs and folks visiting this site would never know they had existed. But we didn't want to do that. We wanted to honor their memories... share the lessons they taught us,  Each of these dogs had their own special beauty and light. While they may of not mattered to the world, they mattered to us.


                                                    Forever in our hearts...



 In loving memory of Cody.
Forever in my Heart
November 1993 - March 19th 2004

GSRBC is his legacy

I would give it all away for just one more day with you.
 And there was a whisper in my heart...

"Can you see me? I am here...
I will always be near you
to calm your shattered heart.
Listen to the wind for my message...

Watch the sun rise and set in the sky with me...
Feel my essence encircle you with warm memories.
Open your heart to know...I am not gone.
Reach deep into your soul...

You will find me...I am here...."
         Dexter ~ We love you Dexter!
 In loving memory of Sultan 2001 ~ Dec. 11th 2007
Sultan came into my care almost 2 years ago. He came to me from the Naniamo SPCA. Formerly a guard dog for a Spanish family, he was discarded when they moved and no longer had a use for him.
Lucky for Sultan, a very special employee of this shelter took a interest in him. Although highly unadoptable, with aggression issues, she took a chance and called me about this special boy. We arranged transport and Sully came home to me.
His journey was a long one. One of dedication, of learning, of understanding, and of love.

For me, Sully wanted so badly to be all I wanted him to be.

He tried so hard to be the perfect dog. And he was perfect. Over these past years I have watched Sultan go from a nervous, mistrustful fear biter, to a loving companion. He became a loving friend, who grew in my heart as I grew in his. We had a special bond.
In the summer, Sully started to show some health issues, which were diagnosed as allergy related. We thought we were maintaining that, but as the summer ended and the days became cold, the house closed up and we spent more time inside. Sully became progressively worse. We hit it hard with different medications, and I started to cook his dinner for him. We got our furnace cleaned and purchased air purifiers to try and help him. Nothing seemed to be working, as I went from diet to diet trying to find what would work.
On his last night, Sultan threw up what looked like blood, but was possible feces. The next morning I woke up and there was blood throughout the house. Sully was passing blood orally and from his rectum.
I rushed him into the vet, where an ultra sound done.

I was in no way prepared for that morning's events.
Sully's heart was surrounded by tumors. His chest cavity was full of fluids, and his face was full blown swollen again, and he could not get his breath. I sat staring at the x-rays and listening to the vet in a fog. Telling me that there was nothing more that could be done.
It was over.
The ironic thing is that Sully finally had a home to go to. We got a really good application in for him, and they were coming to meet him after Christmas. Sully deserved this happy ending and I so, so wanted that for him.
But if his time was coming to an end, then I am glad he died in my arms, where he belonged. Sully was euthanized this morning at 10:30am.  
~ Be free, my very special boy...
 Anya Coello - Dec 6/03 to Jun 13/11 - Adopted July 5th 2008

Anya was a true ambassador for her breed, as her sweet, loving, and gentle disposition won hearts wherever she went. It took mere minutes to fall in love with her! The world has lost a truly unique and beautiful soul…
We trusted and invested our hearts completely, and neither felt right when we spent time apart.
It was a delight to watch and marvel at her interactions with others - human and animal alike. Her natural gentleness to the world, was a true testament that she lived in the moment, and she wasn't going to let her past stifle the love she had to share.
Her sweet nature also opened the way for her to join me when I worked at long term care or hospice facilities. Residents and staff truly looked forward to their day being brightened by her visit. She was a natural therapy dog!
Anya had a remarkable way of melting away all your cares and worries, with just one look into her eyes. I was absolutely blessed to spend our short time together, and she has changed me forever.
The expressions of grief conveyed to me over her passing, have been overwhelming, as the true impact Anya had on others, fully comes to light! You know when adopting a dog, your heart will at one point be broken, but shattered seems a more appropriate word for the loss of Anya!

I miss you incredibly, but feel honored you chose my life as the one you would enrich…I love you, my sweet girl, Anya!

R.I.P. Charlie Sellin July 21, 1997 - May 6, 2010 - Adopted May 20th 2005

I am sending you my most favorite picture of Charlie although you can't see his face, it is the final picture that I took of him and it means so much to me because it is how I will always best think and remember him. Sitting in the front window, watching, protecting, and taking very great care of us, his family.


 RIP ~ February 9, 2011 - Adopted December 21st 2009

Ginger Rogers was a great regal girl, full of self confidence and she knew her worth ..
My only regret was that I didn't have her before she was abandoned …
She must have been a real beauty in her younger days.
I miss her bossiness and sweet head snuggles … she stole my heart today

Angel Downs

Baylee ~ Adopted March 11th 2006

It is with great regret that I have to tell you that Baylee finally succumbed to all the allergies and old age and we had to let her go today.

She had got to the stage where it was painful for her to walk and she was not enjoying life anymore.

It has broken my heart to have to say goodbye to her but I know that she had five good years with us and has been dearly loved.

Brian  & Janice Kenefick

Tiara ~ 2000 - May 24th 2009
Tiara came into our care from the local pound. She had spent 5 months in the shelter with no potential home.

GSRBC brought her into our care on May 11th. After merely 2 weeks with us, she died suddenly during the night.

We are all heartbroken that we could not find her a 'happily ever after'.

Tiara was a soft and gentle girl, who loved easily and was easy to love
 Meesha (aka Lady) ~ 1988 - April 28th 2010 - Adopted March 1st 2007

While Lady's life didn't start out with all that we would of hoped, she did in the end, find a fantastic family that loved her with all that they had.
Lady enjoyed 3 wonderful years being cherished, doted on and worried over.
Time marches on, as it did for this senior girl.
When the pain of aging became too much, her family did the right thing for her.
Our deepest sympathies go out to the Clarke family.

Thank you for opening your heart and your home to this very special girl, and loving her so well.
 In loving memory of Kia 2004 ~ 2007 ~ Adopted March 13th 2005

GSRBC sends our heartfelt condolences out to Kia's family

All I ever wanted was to be a special star.
When your heart hurts so much, and you think you can't make it through the day,
Remember the love, the bond, the trust, the friendship we shared. I was your star...
You brought me home, knowing I had suitcases stuffed full of all sorts of baggage.
You knew what that man did to me. I was worthless, and I knew it.
You wrapped your arms around me and made me whole again...
And soon, I learned that I really did matter. Soon I was running agility courses, I was fed a good diet, I was part of a family, I was being your co-pilot, worked with you every day.
You cried the day you met me, you are crying the day you lost me. I had meaning with you...
I was a special star...
In loving memory of Gus (aka; Axel aka Riot) Adopted June 7th 2010

I have very sad news to share with you Kelly. Gus is resting in peace.

The last few months have been very difficult for him & he deteriorated so quickly. His hind end just wouldn't support him anymore. It's the saddest thing to watch this happen to a boy that was so very proud & regal.
It feels as if he was a part of my life for ever but it was only three years. I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful fellow he was and how very happy I am that he came to live with me.
We were best friends and I miss him so very much.
Gus was treasured & loved.
In loving memory of VooDoo Feb. 7 2001 ~ April 16th 2008

For the first 5 years of her life, she was used for breeding, and by the looks of her, she put out several litters. Once she turned 5, she was given away to a home with the agreement that there was no fee, but the new owner had to get her spayed, which they did.
For a short time, VooDoo was finally a house dog and a member of the family. Unfortunately, when she started to smell very bad, she got put outside and was no longer allowed in the house. Sadly, no one thought to take her to the vet to find out why she had such a foul odor...
VooDoo suffered from Perianal Fistulas which is a very painful genetic disease. VooDoo suffered in silence.
With heavy hearts and many tears, we are heart broken to report that VooDoo lost the fight today.
There is only so much that the body can take. VooDoo's mind and spirit were willing, and she tried so vigorously to survive. She was happy, animated, looking for love and attention and very much starting to enjoy life again. It's just too sad for words that her body would not cooperate with what she wanted and what we all wanted.
What a very special spirit she was. Gentle, easy, silly and loving. This is a real loss and a tragedy that could of been prevented if anyone in her life had bothered to notice and take care of her. VooDoo suffered for years in silence and instead of getting treatment for her condition, she got thrown outside to live a life of solitude. No one noticing what a special gift they had right there under their noses. Her life was wasted... and that is a true crime. She had much to give.

VooDoo lost her battle this morning at 8:40am
 In loving memory of Kellie ~ February 12th 2010 - Adopted August 17th 2005

Kellie was originally given up by her first family when they were moving and decided that they couldn't possibly bring her with them. It was quite the sad day for Kellie when her family handed her over and walked away.
Luckily, Alice and Doug were there to wrap their arms around her, and they never let go. Never again did she have to worry about being left behind and having her heart brokenagain!
Kellie was adopted August 17th 2005 and we received many updates from her family over the years and saw her often. She was valued and well loved for the last 5 years ofher life.
Kellie was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her left knee. Given her age and ailing health, amputation and chemo was not in her best interest. She was treated for pain for the last few months, and today, when it was obvious that the medication was no longer helping, Kellie was set free.

Our hearts go out to Alice and Doug today.
We know this was not an easy decision and that you are missing your girl.

Thank you for loving her so well!
In loving memory of Jake - Adoted June 22nd 2006

Jake passed away suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday morning in our arms.
We are devastated. Jake was our rock. He was our giant huggy teddy bear who helped through the loss of Kate and Winnie. He was a big goof with a kindness and gentleness so rarely seen. He loved dogs and people, pizza crusts and popcorn, campfires and swimming but mostly he loved us with all his heart and we loved him so much.
He was the best uncle to our new puppy Dory and she adored him and never left his side.
We will miss him so much and forever.

Thank you for trusting us with him 3 1/2 years ago. He was the best rescue failed foster we will probably ever have. He was meant to be with us.
~Cynthia and DarrellI
In loving memory of Thunder ~ 2005 ~ May 21st 2008

Thunder came to us after a lifetime of neglect. He came to us with numerous physical ailments, and we tried our best to fix everything that could be fixed. Thunder enjoyed life in his foster home - lots of training, walks, naps, and love.

Thunder's socialization skills were lacking and he had difficulty adapting. As he settled in, he became more and more unpredictable in his behavior, ultimately - that "happy-ever-after" was not to be for Thunder as he became unsafe to live in this world.
Although his stay with us was brief, we feel that we accomplished our mission, which was to make his life better than it was before.; To give him a chance. To let him know love, acceptance and peace.

Run free Thunder.
Special thanks to Anne for giving Thunder that one in a million chance..
Our hearts go out to you today.

RIP December 15, 2009 - Bobby Adopted September 23rd 2006

Bobby was happy and energetic until the end, still enjoying long walks and lots of cuddles. We knew he couldn't fight a failing body forever, and today he let me know it was time to stop fighting.

We love you, Bobby. We will never forget you.

In loving memory of Chaos 2003 ~ Oct. 29th 2008

God blessed the broken road...

Be free baby girl. You are missed.
In loving memory of Curly 2000 ~ 2005

"When I get where I'm going
There'll be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years
And I'll leave my heart wide open
I will love and have no fear
Yeah when I get where I'm going
Don't cry for me down here
When I get where I'm going
On the far side of the sky
The first thing that I'm gonna do
Is spread my wings and fly..."
When I get where I'm going - Brad Paisley

Special thanks to Angel for all the love you gave to this troubled soul...
In loving memory of Roscoe ~ January 18th 2006 - Adopted January 18th 2006

Roscoe had a very rough start to his life, and his family stood by him and tried to help him deal with his demons, but it was not to be. Today he was released to go home.
He is now running free, without a care in the world and is once again the soul that he was intended to be.

Roscoe was accepted for who he was and loved enough to make him matter. He had value.
We send our deepest sympathies out to the Frank family, who stepped up immediately to take Roscoe in and share their lives with him. Take comfort in the fact that you gave him the love that he never knew.
Run free Roscoe. You are loved.
In loving memory of Riley 2002 - May 27th 2005 - Adopted March 22nd 2004

Thank you, Lord,
for the gift of his companionship
and for the time we've had together.
And thank you, Lord,
for granting me the strength
to give him to you now.
Riley will always be in my heart, loved and never forgotten. Until we meet again...

In loving Memory of Teddy - November 28th 2004

We lost this sweet soul today. He was a beautiful and very, very special boy.

He gave so much more than he ever asked for or took from this world and he deserved so much more from mankind.

I can only hope that he felt the love we held for him and his time with his foster family showed him that decent people do exist.

We'll light a candle for our boy to help him see his way to the rainbow bridge.

In loving memory of Kayla 1991 ~ August 24th 2005

Kayla was a very sweet 14 year old GSD. She was a beautiful girl, with stunning markings and a sweet soul. She would take the breath away from anyone who had even a bit of love for the breed.
She was noble and her spirit was strong. She was trusting and loving even after her owner deserted her at the SPCA in the final days of her life.

She was only with us for a very short time, but she touched many. We loved her and tried valiantly to control the major amount of pain that she was in. It was not to be, and Kayla was set free this morning, August 24th 2005.
We honor you Kayla. I hope there is an afterlife and that you will go on, pain free.
In loving memory of Shadow 1993 ~ November 29th 2005

As I wrap my arms around you to say good-bye, and release you from your suffering,
my wish is for you to ride on the wings of angels,
straight to your beloved Kayla,
where you will once again find comfort and love.

Good-bye my sweet, sweet friend. Part of me goes with you. You are a special, special soul...

and you are so loved.
In loving memory of Codi ~ 1997 - October 17th 2006 - Adopted April 18th 2005

Codi gave us unquestioning love & loyalty. Our home & lives are empty & we'll truly miss her. She made an indelible mark on our hearts.

~Bev & Dave

Thank you Kelly, for letting me know about Codi. What a tragedy, especially for her new owners, with Codi being their 2nd dog lost to cancer.

I loved Codi very very much, and the day I found out that she was placed in a perfect home I was thanking God. She deserved so much to spend the last part of her life living to the fullest. I owe so much gratitude to her owners.

Again, thanks for everything.
Beata (Codi's former owner)
In loving memory of Louie ~ 2001 - March 13th 2006 - Adopted Sept 1st 2005

GSRBC sends our deepest condolences to Louie's family. Louie touched many hearts.

Thank you to the Sundahl's for giving our boy a wonderful and loving home and sticking with him through all his health issues.
Run free now my friend.

Buddy ~ August 9th 2007 - Adopted February 18th 2007

Buddy has touched our lives in the short time he was with us like no other dog I have known. He had a special personality and we will carry his memory forever. We learned much from him and our next dog will benefit from that experience.
He was, however, truly a victim and continued to suffer. We take comfort in that we probably gave him the best period of his life in a safe and caring home. A comfortable retirement of sorts.

Thank you for entrusting Buddy to us for the short time he was here. We are better for it.



Bailey ~ March 25/96 - June 28/06 - Adopted February 19th 2005

Many will remember Bailey. She was the first dog we took in under GSRBC. She was special to us, but even more so to her family....

Godspeed Bailey-girl
Shelby ~ 1994 - July 28th 2006 - Adopted May 12th 2006

But give them we must for it is all they ask in return.

When the time comes, and the road curves ahead to a place we cannot see,

we give one final gift and let them run on ahead - young and whole once more.

"Godspeed, good friend," we say, until our journey comes full circle and our paths cross again.

Thank you for touching our hearts Shelby, and thank you to Paul and Carolyn for all you gave to this sweet soul.
Abby ~ 1994 - September 30th 2006 - Adopted January 15th 2006

GSRBC sends heartfelt condolences to Abby's Dad.

For all of the times that you stooped and touched my head, fed me my favorite treat and
returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you.

For the care that you gave to me so unselfishly. For all of these things I am grateful and thankful. I ask that you to remember the things I taught you. I ask you to grieve not for the loss but rejoice in the fact that we lived, loved and touched each other's lives. My life was fuller because you were there, not as owner, but as my friend.

Today, I am as I was in my youth. The grass is always green, butterflies flit among the flowers and the sun shines gently down upon all of God's creatures. I can run, jump and play and do all of the things that I did in my youth. There is no sickness, no aching joints and no regrets and no aging.

You live in my heart as I do in yours.
Companions such as you are very rare and unique. Don't hold the love that you have within yourself.
Give it to another like me and then I will live forever. For love never really dies, and you are loved and missed as surely as I am.. Thank you for loving me.

Frankie October 27th 2006

Old Shep.... who was thrown away like someone's old garbage, came to GSRBC and was briefly renamed to "Frankie"

With sadness, we report that Frankie was let go this morning.

Frankie was having a very hard time eating, and was throwing up most of what he did get down.
A trip to the vet revealed he had numerous tumors in his mouth and throat that were constricting his ability to eat.
Last night, as he had a drink of water, his foster noticed that a bit of blood was in the bowl. He became critically ill this morning. ..
She rushed him into the vet and as they were going in the door, he collapsed :(
The vet kindly finished the job for Frankie and he was let go. It is believed a tumor burst resulting in internal bleeding
We're sad that we did not have more time with this old boy to get him in a comfortable state and give him lots of love in this last leg of his journey.He spent last night in Tania's bed with her, all wrapped up in her arms, scaly skin, pus and all.

He may not of mattered to his people, but he mattered to us.  Rest easy Frankie... There is no more pain and discomfort now.
Thank you to the Allen family for taking in this old guy and trying to make things right for him

Jerry ~ 2001 - November 14th 2008 - Adopted January 20th 2007

Jerry came to us from the Abbotsford pound.

He was a frightened boy, who had not been very poorly in his past.
He stayed in our care for a few months, and then his foster family fell hard for him and gave him his forever home.

Jerry came around in their loving care, and knew love and acceptance... finally.
He waited a long time to be valued. But valued he was.

Sadly, Jerry was laid to rest today.
He will be forever remembered and missed.
GSRBC sends our heartfelt condolences out to the Kenefick family.
Thank you for loving him so well!

GSRBC sends our heartfelt condolences to Mike on the loss of his special boy, Clyde. Thank you Mike - We always knew he was in good hands...


Clyde ~ 2000 - September 6th 2011 ~ Adopted August 2007

Sorry to give you the bad news... I had to let Clyde go yesterday and freed him from his failing body.
He had been deteriorating over the last 6 months, the last 2 particularly. His inability to handle stairs was such that the last two months I'd been carrying him up and down all stairs from my house to the sidewalk. Walks were quite abbreviated depending. He'd also had lots of incontinent periods. He was on lots of meds and supplements and had developed worsening arthritis along with degenerative myelopathy.

He was deteriorating again this weekend, and didn't seem to really recoup. Yesterday morning I found Clyde unable to get up at all in the house; by the afternoon I had him at the Mill Bay Clinic. As Dr. Forbes put it, "he'll leave a big hole..."

We had our challenges, but the most important and special thing I think we gave each other was a deep bond. For a long time, Clyde would not lie on his side to be stroked-he just could not give up the control. On command he would do it for short periods, but wasn't comfortable with it. But over time Clyde would just happily flop on his side as you as you began to even stroke him and relax and trust. And he would regularly come over to be nuzzled-and I don't know who enjoyed that more. I'll cry tears remembering my special sweet boy. ~ Mike Ranfft

Bella (Gypsy) ~ Adopted August 2010

Our beautiful Bella passed away on November 16, 2011. The time she had with us was short, and thus losing her so soon was all the more difficult. She had a gentle soul, befriending everyone and everything - including the neighbourhood skunk. Unfortunately for both of us, the skunk did not view her friendship in kind.

Bella arrived at our home via GSRBC in August 2010 weighing in at 140 lbs. She spent the past year working hard on her diet and exercise program and lost 60 lbs. She had a waist for the first time in a very long time. She could run and jump and play. Sadly, the cancer that had plagued her in 2010 returned with a vengeance in November. It had spread quickly.

Many thanks to Kelly of GSRBC who gave us the chance to share our lives with this gentle soul. And many thanks to Dr. Douglas who gave her that extra year with his dedicated treatment of her.

Bella, you were well-loved and much missed.

Your family,  Liz, Mark, Max, Mindy and Bruno.

Thank you to Liz for dropping everything when we called,  to opening your heart and home to save this girl from certain euthanasia. And to Bella's whole family for loving her so well. Our hearts go out to you today...

Jinny ~ Adopted 2005 - 2011

We had to part with our dear Jinny in mid October. Even now my eyes are brimming and my throat is tightening up to tell you this. She had a series of problems starting with loss of balance in September and then leading to Cushing's disease, which our vet, Brian Barnes, was able to diagnose and treat, but with only limited success because the source of the problems turned out to be an advancing brain tumour. We were able to keep her at home except for visits to the vet for tests, right until it became obvious that she was starting to suffer too much to let her go on. Brian put her to rest as we comforted her in our kitchen, and we buried her in a lovely spot in the garden. Kelly, we are so thankful to you for letting us have this lovely girl in our lives. She gave us such devotion and friendship and was always literally inches away from me for the five years we had her. She turned out to be gentle with children and so was able to give many little ones the chance to meet and touch a dog. She also learned to be good with our daughter's dog and a few others, although she remained wary of most other dogs all her life. Of all the beautiful dogs I have loved, I think she was the prettiest, and I spent countless hours giving and taking pleasure in stroking and grooming her. She had a happy life with us, overcame many of her fears, and became a good traveller by motor vehicle and boat and kayak. I took her to the outer coast to the island she loved to visit many times. She was a true family member, and was expected wherever we visited. One of the many things I appreciated about Jinny was her quiet nature; she never made a sound at night and if she really had to go outside at night she would waken me with a gentle touch of her nose on my arm. Jinny gave us her all, and the one consolation I have for her passing is the knowledge that we also gave her our best. After a troubled start before we knew her, she had a good life with us.
We send our gratitude and respect for the work you do, and the way you enriched our lives. ~ Ted Crossley..

Shylo ~ 1997 - December 17th 2011

Shylo came to us after being thrown out of a moving vehicle on the highway. For days she wandered around a trailer park, getting into people garbages, trying to find something to eat and survive. She slept under porches and tried to stay out of the way until hunger drove her out to search for food.
Finally someone called animal control and she spent the next several weeks in the pound, literally curled up in a ball, willing herself to die.

The day we came down to see Shylo, she was mostly bald from her shoulders all the way down to the back of her tail. She suffered from an untreated thyroid condition and was in pretty rough shape. She had so many rotten teeth that we had to have many of them removed...

But once Shylo was well again, her true spirit started to shine through! She was happy and animated and just seemed to make you laugh with her silly ways. She got away with bloody murder and that was fine with us, we were happy to cater to her every whim. If she wanted up on the couch, she'd throw her front paws up and then hollar at me to come and lift her rear up for her. At dinner times, she yelled at me to hurry up. :)
And in every single way, she made my heart swell when I looked at her.
Shylo's pain could no longer be controlled and it was showing in big time. Today, we released her to run and play once more.
Run on now Shy. Be whole once more.  We love you and won't ever forget...

Arko ~ Adopted October 2007 - May 11th 2012

Beautiful Arko was surrendered to the pound when his owner had to move very suddenly. 
Arko was a very vibrant, bouncy and energetic dog who longed for attention and companionship. He radiated a nobility, even in his goofy young pup ways. 
How could anyone ever let such a treasure go? Unfortunately, even after all these years, we still don't have the answer to that question... Sometimes things just work out for the better anyway, and they sure did for Arko!

Arko was adopted out to an amazing family, who drove down from Kamloops to scoop him up and take him the rest of the way in his journey.  They loved him from the moment they met him, and although he wasn't always an easy dog, he was easy to love.

Sadly, Arko developed some health issues that were not treatable, and he was surrounded by the two people who loved him most, and were always by his side...
Thank you Nina and Bruce for loving him so well..

Noelle ~ Adopted December 2006 - March 27th 2012

I want to tell you a story about the most spirited dog that I have ever met. Her name was Noelle. Noelle because she was picked up by Coquitlam Animal shelter on Christmas and remained in their care for a year and a half - waiting for a home. Not surprising that no one wanted to take her home when they saw all her antics behind her kennel gate. Well...... except the slimbags that wanted a junk yard guard dog....

When I was called about this girl, I went out to meet her and my eyes did widen a bit when I saw her bending the chain link of her door trying to get out at the people.
Wheeeeeeeeew! She was a firecracker! I loved her immediately!
If you really watched her though, you could see this little glint of humor in her eyes, she was having so much fun with the whole ordeal. We made friends right away, and I took her into our care, that was back in 2005. Noelle stayed with me for another year and a half. Waiting.. waiting, waiting for that perfect home.

oh, it wasn't that she didn't have her chances, believe me. I adopted that dog out so many times I was going to start using her as a fundraiser soon! With 3 failed adoptions under her belt (or between her teeth) it was obvious that what I thought was the perfect home, and what she thought was the perfect home, where worlds apart. oh yes, I remember the very nice gentleman that had an excellent home to offer! He applied and we went through the whole ordeal all over again. Reference checks, home checks, hours emailing and talking on the phone. He 'got it'. He was perfect! ha.. well, I thought so. (and so did the dog he ended up adopting).
You see, when he came out to meet the princess, she took one look at him and without bending her legs or anything, she dropped right over on her side and pretended she was dead the whole time he was there. No word of a lie! While the nice man was talking and concerned about my newly dead dog, I was busy plotting her REAL death! I wanted to kick her sooo bad! That might of not been appropriate in front of the nice man. So there she laid, squeezing her eyes shut while he tried to coax her out of her dramatic death. Finally he gave up. I mean really... who wants to adopt a dead dog?
I saw him to the door, and as soon as he was in his vehicle, that little..... princess was at the window barking at him. Our eyes locked and I was running for the house.. she was going to get a home alright! Those eyes that were squeezed so tight 2 minutes ago where now wide as saucers as she saw me coming. Oh yes, if I would of only caught her that day....
And then it happened.... Darrick and Maari applied. At this point I wasn't really hopeful this dog was ever going to leave, but well, might as well make the effort.
Oh.my.God.... no seriously... oh my God!!! They came to meet her and she shoved everyone to the side. With googly eyes, looked at Darrick and I could almost hear her yelling DADDY! They were all so happy and lovey dovey.. Ha! I leaned against the counter, watching this little scene with my arms folded and my tongue in my cheek. Sure, drama queen...sure you want them to adopt you.
With an eyebrow raised at the dog who wouldn't make eye contact with me suddenly.. I thought ok, let's go do the home visit. I grabbed that dog and took her with me. Oh no.. your coming! What I learned that day was that I was just the vessel. That dog was going to choose her own home and I just needed to give her a lift. She charged around the house like she owned the place, hopped up on their sofa and made herself at home (beside Darrick of course) Maari was ok too, but it was all about Darrick.
About a month after they adopted Noelle - I got the phone call. I KNEW IT. What did she do? I asked? Nothing, they were in love with her, but guess, what? they just found out they were having twins! YIKES I said.. oh... I mean congratulations! I really wasn't too sure how that was going to pan out, but was pretty sure she would be coming back. Nope! Noelle loved those babies. She'd lay in between their cribs while they slept, cried, played and got their diapers changed. Always present at meal times of course for all those tasty treats that hit the ground.  ;)
These past years, I have seen Noelle often when we were delivering food. I always viewed her with a slight suspicion. After living with her for almost two years, I think deep down she was just up to no good. But I loved her madly, as everyone did that met her. How could you not? She demanded it, and we all were under her spell...

Well, as it happens when you've been doing this rescue gig long enough, the dogs you bond to and adopt out, start passing away. And now Maari has shared this heartbreaking news. Somehow though.... I thought she would out live us all.

Thank you to Coquitlam animal shelter for taking her in and keeping her when almost any other shelter would of euthanized her right after her holding period.
And mostly to Maari, Darrick, and your family, for loving her so well. You were exactly where she was meant to be.

I know she's giving them all 'what-for' up there. I can almost hear her stomping around and bossing everyone. Give 'em hell Noelle. I know you will. Thank you for being you, for touching my heart and showing me what rescue was really about...

It has to happen, and we all know that is the cycle of life. But somehow.. the world just seems a little dimmer...
...Bye baby girl.

Santiago ~ Adopted Oct 6 2006 - July 12 2012

Dear Kelly and GSRBC,
Saying goodbye to this amazing dog was not easy but it was beautiful and peaceful.
Santiago was surrounded by the people she loved and had a very caring vet looking out for her.

On July 2, 2012, we said goodbye to my girl who shall be loved and remembered always. Thank you for rescuing her and thank you for letting me be her rescue.

She loved me so well. And I loved her.
Kathy Morrison, Banff, AB

Brooklyn ~ June 5th 2007 - January 22nd 2012

Brooklyn, our special needs girl , and our Assistant Director of Greetings, suffered sudden onset lameness 6 days ago as a result of her congenital condition, and was diagnosed with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (basically her spine has now fused from her shoulders down and the nerves have calcified into bone)

No longer able to stand or walk, but still happy,spirited and determined to come with us on our walks, we devised a harness to hold up her hind area so she could come for a short last walk with her pack. After heartily downing a plateful of her favorite homemade treats, we carried her to the car for one last ride to the vets.

Our hearts are broken, and even though the house has 4 more pets, it seems so quiet and empty... I pray you are romping around a huge doggie park in heaven, one with lots of dogs to play with and a nice river to swim in.

We miss you and love you dearly Brooklyn, rest in peace, little girl....

Wylee ~ Adopted  2006 - Sept. 25th 2015

In memory of our silly sweet boy Wylee Hawkeye Black Houston Downs

Adopted from GSRBC a failed foster in 2006.
 Wylee lived long and was loved by us until cancer took him Sept 25 2015.

He was just shy of 12yrs old.
God Speed my sweet smiley face..

Angel Downs, Surrey BC
We sadly let Anton go on April 11, 2016

The picture of Anton in the kitchen was taken the night before he died, cleaning up on bacon macaroni and cheese. He could barely walk, but he still wanted to play.

Here are two of my favorite stories about Anton that I don't think I have shared with you. Both took place when he had full mobility and was able to go up and down stairs.

I was upstairs late one evening with Anton when he suddenly got up and ran downstairs. I had no idea why until I asked Tim what was going on. Thomas was sleeping, and Tim had walked in and told him it was time to take his dog to bed. Thomas didn't say anything, just stuck his arm out from under the covers and snapped his fingers. Anton heard and came running. I didn't know Thomas had trained him to do that. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because those two were so devoted to each other.

Another story involved K'Ehleyr, who is sometimes afraid to go outside by herself, even during the day. No idea why. Anyway, K'Ehleyr is on the sundeck clearly needing to go but afraid to go in the yard by herself. She just stood there wagging tail and looking at me. As a joke I called out, "Anton, honey, K'Ehleyr needs to pee. Could you come upstairs and go out with her?" To my amazement he trundled up the inside stairs from Thomas' room, went down the sundeck stairs with her, twiddled his paws while she went pee, then escorted her back up the sundeck stairs and inside again. Seriously. And he did it whenever I asked him to. Amazing dog. We miss him so much.




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