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Englewood Courtyard Charity Giveaway

Check out our adoptables page! We had quite a few new dogs find safety at GSRBC


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Dogtoberfest 2015!

Englewood Courtyard Charity Giveaway

We had a blast once again! Thank you all so much for your amazing support!



What is Rescue?



Rescue is made up of ordinary people, just like you, who are dedicated to saving companion Pets from crisis situations. We strive to alleviate pain and suffering, to provide a second chance for wonderful Pets who have no one else to speak for them. We foster, provide veterinary care, work through all sorts of behavioral issues and seek appropriate homes for these animals when we feel they are ready..

We share what we have learned so that more people are aware of the tragedies of pet overpopulation. We seek to promote responsible Pet ownership and care.


What Dogs need Rescue?
Dogs who are without an owner or home for any reason, a dog in a pound or shelter, a dog that has been abused, or suffered neglect. Rescue obtains dogs who have been saved from imminent danger, who faced euthanasia by animal shelters, neglect and other forms of abuse. Others faced abandonment by their current owners, or maybe obtained as the result of "free to a good home" ads.


Why are there so many homeless animals?
We have a pet overpopulation crisis in Canada. Each year shelters put to death more than 10 million healthy animals. Each day approx. 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in Canada. versus 10,000 human births. Do the math! There are just not enough homes.


Where do all these animals come from?
Too often owners fail to consider the long-term commitment, and financial or moral responsibility, (i.e. neutering and healthcare), when adding a Pet to their family.

Owners fail to neuter their pets, and the results are accidental litters. An owner may purposely breed their Pet because they have a "purebred", or think that motherhood will improve their Pet's disposition—–maybe they think theirs is an exceptional Pet. The saddest, and most irresponsible excuse is that they want their children to witness the miracle of birth. (Then take the children to the shelter and help them understand the consequences!) Then there is GREED. Puppy millers and irresponsible breeders make money without regard to the suffering caused by Pet overpopulation.


What kind of pets are found in shelters?
Every variety imaginable! Pets are surrendered for many reasons including divorce; moving; and financial difficulties. There are puppies and kittens just starting life; small dogs; large dogs; and everything in between. They may be any age, and at least 25% are purebred.

Some of these Pets may need a bit of training, but many are already housebroken and are well mannered. ALL are just looking for the opportunity to love someone, to have a family--- to live in a loving, secure and stable home.


What's wrong with a shelter/rescue dog?
Usually not a thing. They were given up by individuals who were not willing to educate themselves, or commit to being a responsible pet owner – unprepared for the time, money and care required. Many purebreds end up in shelters because they just didn't measure up to a preconceived ideal. Television shows and Movies influence a breed's popularity---but not every Jack Russell Terrier will behave like Eddie from the TV show "Frazier".


What happens to most animals in shelters?
National shelter statistics show that typically only 25% of pets brought into shelters get adopted. Through no fault of their own, the majority will be put to death. The sheer numbers make no other outcome possible. This is the gruesome reality!

Number 463 who had no one to come for him


What About Those Cute Pet Shop Puppies?
Purchasing a Pet Store puppy would be encouraging the puppy mill industry to flourish. The "Breeding stock", the mothers of those cute puppies, are confined to cages for their entire lives, covered in mange, and barely able to stand. Pet store pups are notorious for costing their owners--not just in the funds to cope with the many health problems resulting from filthy conditions they were born to, but emotionally--as many owners fight a losing battle with bad genetics, compromised immune systems, and unstable temperaments. Watch our site for more information about this! We are STRONGLY advocating against the selling of ANY live animals in pet shops and will be devoting an entire page to this very sad and tragic situation.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM PET STORES! Check out for more information, or to help us in this crusade!


Free to a "Good Home" Ads?
Owners may give up their pets for a variety of reasons, but usually there is a problem and they may not be forthright in sharing this information. All too often this results in animals being bounced from home to home, or a sad end at the side of the road. Free can be perceived as having no value. Please read Brutus' heart breaking story:


Why Adopt A Pre-Owned Pet?
What you see is what you get! Older animals are easier to train, have better attention spans then puppies. They’ve passed the puppy chew stage, and are usually housebroken. Rescued Dogs always seem to give just a little bit more, knowing how tenuous life is. They blossom in a new loving environment, forming strong bonds and becoming exceptionally loyal companions.


Why Breed Rescue?
Breed Rescuers know the good and bad qualities of their breeds, the health and nutritional requirements. They know their breed’s behavior, what training and care is required. They can advise when their breed may not be appropriate for a family. They foster, screen rescues for behavior and health issues, address those issues, and attempt to make the best of all possible matches with adopting families.


What Should I Know Before I Adopt?
Time! Do you have the time to devote to a new companion? How will the addition effect your lifestyle? Expense. Are you prepared for the costs of food, treats, toys, preventive veterinary care? Commitment! Are you prepared to love and care for a living, breathing, thinking being for it’s entire life?


What Can I Expect When Bringing Home My New Family Member?
With patience and love—you can expect unconditional love and companionship!




GSRBC was formed in June of 2003....


We were incorporated with non profit status on October 29th 2004.......


We recieved federal charitable status in Canada on April 1st 2005. Charitable #86377 4832 RR0001....


We depend on our wonderful extended family of fosters, volunteers, adopters and supporters to carry on in our mission....


Without them, we could never continue to save as many dogs as we do....


It is thanks to people like you that we are successful!


100% of all donations go directly into the rescued dog's new beginning....


Providing everything from medical treatement, to training, food supplies and in some cases, boarding....


Adoption fees help, but are not enough.... The average cost per dog in 2010 was approximately $2166.15


Your donations are SO important... Please consider helping us continue on in our work...

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